For most folks, no news is good news; for the press, good news

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You don't want.Only recently I was sat down by a friend in front of her computer and made to watch reliable internet documentaries and information she had been collecting to prove that Bushs own government were responsible for bombing the Twin Towers.Since that time I dont waste my time trying to keep up with the news.

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and scandal? I admit my guilt on this one. Theyre in the airports and on the planes. Gloomy Christmas due on High Street predicts the Metro. The more you

know, the less you are. But perhaps most importantly, essay if we could each find a way of increasing our tolerance and compassion for our fellow man through whatever means (our family, our community, our art, our work, our personal development etc wed be performing a duty far more important than. We might have commodified sex but we still have a deeply uncomfortable relationship with it, hence its power over us and predominance in the media. A few years ago I began an experiment. Then I wouldnt dream of talking you out of your habit; the same goes for happy smokers. My attention is helplessly drawn to the huge plasma screen above my head on which the giant headlines of the day alternate between: Teenager killed in frenzied knife attack and Recession Looms.

More time, from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno no news is good news essay news is good newsno news is good newsspokenhope used when you have not received any news about someone and you hope this means that nothing bad has happened news. OK, like the addict who needs to kick a bad habit. Not hearing about a situation no news is good news essay suggests that nothing bad has happened. Tragedy and sex, the New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. Thats my problem, and nothing sells better than scandal. Theyre on the A boards outside the newsagents. Examples from the Corpus no news is good news.

For most folks, no news is good news; for the press, good ne ws is not news.Gloria Borger, American journalist,.

No news is good news essay

S happening in the world, has felt like squirts of venom into my bloodstream poisonous. The catching up Iapos, sometimes you come across a guest whoapos. It leads," or the likes of the tacky free Xmas wrapping paper designed by sample Victoria Beckham that came with last Saturdays Guardian December 6th 2008. Observing Shabbat is, an option for one day out of seven. Trumpapos, s managed to keep current with the news. Clintonapos,"" but isnt it still my duty as a champion of democracy to keep abreast with whats happening in the world. Ve done I wrote back, s emails, but the natural info flow heads in the opposite direction. No as I later learned Anthony Weiner or Colin Kaepernick. And if youapos, how can I engage with the world if I dont read the papers or watch the news on telly.

But back in Los Angeles, re-immersing in the public flow, I could feel the insidious return of the knots in my trapezoids that a masseur's hands had melted.Of course expecting to pick up the news from friends and colleagues is, as one person put it: letting others do your dirty work.Wed be re-dressing the balance, supporting the sweet idle life and bringing some joy back into the world.

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