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Those who oppose/support this.But we know that text response essays are much better when they dont just write about the what (as in what are examples of characters that have trouble with their identity and what are examples of those that dont?

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Confined /Walled in Crowded / Large Old/ Historic Hot / Intense Cold / Difficult Harsh / Barren Colourful / Exotic Colourless / Bland Natural Unnatural Trapped Disconnected Restricted

Unfulfilled Hopeless Powerless Poor. What else does Cosi show us? It is beyond doubt Its a fundamental truth There can be no question Its always been my view that. These lists of phrases are simply starting points concrete suggestions of what it looks like when we summarise evidence succinctly and analyse. For each word (or phrase) we underline, we need to generate essential questions about this word that need to be answered (in terms of the text). Its impractical - itll never work Its expensive It impacts on peoples individual freedoms - their right to choose and do what they want Whats wrong with what were doing now? His emotions cause him to kill Tybalt and marry Juliet. Good things come in packages of three. What will be next? Writing a statement of intention: Your persuasive writing will need to be accompanied by a statement of intention which outlines what you aim to achieve in your piece. Sometimes you might not be able to identify both a for and against argument. These are the words we use to create more detailed and even more insightful sentences. I ii contents. This is a powerful technique because it addresses the two concerns of can it be done? WE must (NOT) ACT NOW Now is the time If we are en we must act now. Its important, then, to always dis- cuss how the worlds of the two texts have been constructed similarly or differently. You need to do this until you feel comfortable using hand gestures. Religious freedom Is this an issue to do with peoples spiritual or religious beliefs? If you are using a lectern for your presentation, then print out your speech on A4 pages but separate out each phrase of each sentence of the text. Isbn also BY ticking mind Smashing VCE: How To Study And Still Have A Life AND The Student Guide To Writing Better Sentences In The English Classroom Preview ticki Ireview ticki IN. Fairness FOR ALL What about all the students who have messy handwriting - or type faster than they write?

Above all But above all Yet above all More than this But more than this Yet more than this But of most importance Of primary importance though However. Consider this paragraph, no Sugar by Jack Davis a creative response to text. Character action verb, in fact there are stacks of them. AGE AND generation Is there a question of whether this will impact differently upon people of different ages. Make your sentences about ideas, persuasive language, liberty. In other words, it is clear from this momentscene that Central to the narrative is the concept of What is most important in this example. Countrymen, we can turn essential, characterisation and emotional force into these further questions. Adding to this hardship was the need for the tax to be paid in British sterling. Citing and linking examples Thecharacter saysbelievesthinks feels assignment photography definition The.

And provide an example of how to elaborate on key ideas mentioned in an introductory statement. Apart from underlining key words in an essay topic and then brainstorming ideas. Students should write a summary of their response to Davis text staging and its potential influence on audience members as a homework or journal task. These next two sentences follow on from the example introductory statement above. Jimmys identity and survival are built on outward protest but other members of his family find more subtle forms of protest.

Every time you write a sentence, think: And what more can I say?Inevitable and violent are two key ideas that we need to define in our introduction.

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    personal swot analysis, I realize that I have internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to my education as well as other activities. It does not necessarily imply upward movement;

Establish an online area for students to contribute ideas about the characters names.