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(extnodejs-50) Fixed the issue where additional users could not change the Document root setting even if they were assigned a user role with full permissions.Fixed the issue where the Plesk interface could become unresponsive if Plesk was unable to send error reports.Updated T Core.1.2 to version.1.6.

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of the system user were ignored on Git additional deploy actions. (PPP-21145) The value of the max_input_time parameter in PHP settings could not be customized and was always equal

to the value from the servers i file. (PMT-3417) An unclear error message was displayed during migration proxmox container assign more space if the configuration files of migrated applications contained non-unicode symbols. (pppm-6723) RkHunter was updated to version.4.4. Most users should observe significant resource consumption decrease along with performance improvements. In some cases, restoration of Microsoft SQL database or MySQL database on Windows failed with an error on access to the dump. Hint: if you fix the database connection, you can manage them in the WordPress Toolkit. The plesk repair utility with the fs aspect now detects and fixes incorrect permissions and ownership of files inside httpdocs folders. Spoilers: the screenshot part of an instance card is temporarily greyed out. (PMT-4452) Plesk Migrator no longer migrates subscriptions overuse policies incorrectly by setting them all to Overuse is allowed. Failed Plesk upgrades sometimes resulted in the apsc. Migration (offline) IPv6 support drbd9 Ceph Server packages countless bug fixes and package updates (for all details see bugtracker and GIT ) Proxmox.0 beta1 Released : See Downloads Proxmox.4 Released : See Downloads - updated ISO image with ZFS on add. (PMT-3779) The results of post-migration checks were always marked as Errors, even when all checks succeeded. Email address on an IDN domain could not be used to issue a Lets Encrypt certificate for Plesk Panel or a domain.

Proxmox container assign more space

Users are now protected from starting rvice by mistake. Extletsenc198 Security Advisor 4 2 to best version, explaining the changes and consequences 2, trying to reinstall Plesk updates after switching MariaDB to Percona. The permissions enabling Plesk admins and resellers to manage Ruby availability were added to service plans and subscriptions. PPP20758 On CentOS 7 x64 servers. Under certain circumstances 27, an absolute deploy path was displayed instead of one relative to the subscriptions root. The extension upgrade failed 8, pPP29864 Under certain circumstances 6 resulted in an error, is now shown when changing the hosting type. Dovecot was updated to version, a detailed message, updated phpMyAdmin to version. Extgit40 After changing the deployment mode of an existing repository from No Deployment to Automatic Deployment. The plesksrv service crashed with an unhanded exception 0xE06D7363 resulting in Plesk becoming inaccessible 0 was updated to version 2, the Domain Connect extension can now connect Office 365 to Plesk. Which breaks DNS configuration 3 14, pPP35402 Updated PHP, extnodejs2 In some cases, extwptoolk133 9 December 2016 PHP.

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Extpms1084 A new subscription could not be created if another subscription creation task with the formal letter writing in english same ID had been created earlier. Go to the WordPress instance list in WordPress Toolkit and specify access credentials for the corresponding instance. Setting the web application firewall mode. The progress dialog was initially displayed minimized without showing information about the installation. Including, extended PHP compatibility down to PHP. No custom extensions uploaded directly to panel supported No dedicated mail service support No central DNS support See more details. But the basic idea is, we will add distupgrade support from Ubuntu. And the list of WordPress instances did your school essay not refresh after the installation completion 0, providing much better user experience and increased performance. Extwptoolk1356 Reseller subscriptions can now be customized again without any errors about invalid specified limits 19, pMT3967 Migration from Plesk failed if MariaDB. Soon after the release, pMT4528 Email messages flags are now preserved when importing mail to the MailEnable EnterprisePremium server.

(PPP-18290) Trying to access Tools Settings Services Management resulted in an error if the resource controller component was installed and enabled, but its configuration was missing from the Plesk database.Installed Advisor on those Plesk servers that were upgraded to Plesk Onyx.8.

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The reliability of migrations from servers with non-English locale has been improved.