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Use the structure, step by step.Create slides for your main conclusions, which should fit onto one or two slides or overhead projector sheets.

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review this one article exercise, critique is of little importance. Summarize the summary stats. How to review a journal paper, or give other scientific/technical presentation Seppo Karrila, PSU Surat

Thani October 2014. While oral presentations can be nerve-wracking, proper organization and adequate time will help the process flow more easily and make your presentation a success. Oh really, then why did you cut and paste that giant table from your paper into the presentation?!). Instead, choose a few results that you want to highlight and present them on a slide in no smaller than 28 font. You dont have time to go through the nitty gritty of the data. . Never cut and paste a table from your paper onto a slide. Practice your presentation to help you feel more comfortable during the actual presentation. If you need the same slide twice, copy it! At the end, remind of key points This is the conclusions part And thank the audience Remind that they can now ask questions. Fifteen minutes works better for communicating a narrative then for taking an audience through every twist and turn of your econometric grandeur. But only in exceptional cases (as in, its a really different program for theoretical reasons, or you dont have more than process results yet) do you want this to eat up a lot of your time. Here its a bit of a balance. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Write the major points on paper in outline form. (Dont go forward and backward.) If you dont want to show ielts essays on family a slide, leave it out! Often, writing the conclusions first helps organize the rest of your presentation. In a 15-minute to 20-minute presentation, your introduction should take two to four slides. No notes for slide. Can you make backup slides perhaps from another source? All presentations (and all papers) should begin with an introduction and end with conclusions. Stay in control If a question would require too long an answer, say you can discuss after the presentation Be polite even if someone asks a silly question, or an impolite question The chairperson or lecturer should step in if someone is unprofessional. Detail or only the big picture Fast pace or explain a lot per slide? You can have backup slides Not part of timed presentation, but part of time reserved for questions You can prepare to use also this time effectively Prepare to answer some expected questions! Thats not enough time to use the slides you used for that recent 90-minute academic seminar. Figures on slides If you dont want the audience to see the figure, dont show it! Why critique is not easy Things that are obviously wrong In a good journal you will not find this, because the articles have been critically reviewed and screened or missing Notice things you would need for practical application, or that you would have liked. Some rules for slides Simple Technical trickery can fail Short Not too many words Readable Large font size. Marc Bellemare takes an even stronger stance: Never, ever have a literature review in your slides. Hold shift while dragging Pressing shift keeps the figure proportions fixed when you re-size by dragging with mouse. This isnt a murder mystery: its only when people know where youre taking them that they can enjoy the scenery along the way. How to prepare and deliver a Scientific or Technical presentation.

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Max, dont do this Too small figure. Then trim the other one down to one slide. The audience will also be unhappy. Key thesis conclusions Background Goals Approach Key results Conclusions to remember. A picture may be worth 1, you can be excited Without being hyperactive If you are bored with your topic 000 numbers, a descriptive special warning about presenting your job market paper. Put slide in backup reserve at end of presentation If you are asked a question. A less formal outline of slide deck Title page Include your email Executive summary What this is about.

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And if youre doing a primarily theoretical paper. Expect questions when you are done. And what your goal should. Prepare for questions When you present a review. But may differ from PowerPoint Especially do this if you use a Mac and present from a PC Email all presentation files to organizer. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Name* Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard.Deciding on your narrative will help with the discipline in the points that follow.

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Of course, the first time through the presentation it may take a bit longer than you will when you present, but if you have any doubts, practice again (bringing your prep time to a whopping 30 minutes plus a little bit).