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13)  Factor 16x - 1 14)  Factor x 9x 14 15)  Factor  5x 15 x -10x 16) Find the value of k that makes the statement true.2)  Show the identity is true.

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lesson.02 Oct. Students will find and use measures ofsides and relationships between angles in polygons to solve problems. 13 #5 5) Read and study example. 3)CW: WCD- Review 1)

3)and discuss integers as fractions. HistoricalPerspective p142 DUE: 11/10/14 score 11/10/14: Quiz Section 2C / Students will demonstrate their understanding. Find roots using any method. 80 8 9 all Oct. 9/25/14- Lesson.04 1) CW: Read and write at least 3 sentences from your reading. Studentswill use algebra to simplify long computations, such as computing large sums ofconsecutive numbers. Students will use inductive reasoning to generalize properties of triangles, quadrilaterals and parallel lines. 165: 1 all items and. 25 For Discussion. HW#1: DUE 9/10 11/14 notebook with ALL graded work stapled/pasted. 9 - 4 Review.1.3 studentswill review right triangles, assignment 9-4 Due: 5/18/15, dAY 5 Quiz.1 through.3 studentswill demonstrate their understanding. . DUE: 1/14/15 HW: 1/12/15 1) Write steps to rewrite f(x)x2-12x1 in DUE: 1/13/15 vertex form. 6) CW:.32 Do exercises 6-10 all. To Lesson.03 HW: Hand-Out Oct. 3) Graph y x4; find any root 4) Do check your understanding pg. 6.0-6.3 Quiz Review 3/27/15 Quiz Section 6A / Studentswill demonstrate their understanding 3/2/15- Group Work- Geogebra 3/3/15- Group Work - Geogebra 3/4/15-. DUE score 10/29/14: Quiz Section 2A / Students will demonstrate their understanding DUE: 10/29/14 score 10/30/14:.0 8 .08 Arithmetic With Polynomials Worksheet.08 Students will expand polynomials and express them in normalform (standard form and add, assignment cover design subtract, and multiply polynomials. 9/29/14- CW: group test #3 Lessons.01-1.05: DUE BY END OF period HW: Due 9/30/14 Extra Practice Hand-Out Lessons.04-1.05 9/26/14 Lesson.05 1 ) CW: Read and write at least 3sentences from your reading. Chap-# book topic/ Learning Outcome page assignment.0 1 .01 Getting Started (with Polynomials) 66 5a,5d,811,13, 14b all Students will experiment explore identities, they willexpand the product of linear factors, and they will compare expressions andlook for patterns. Students will study slope ratios of lines and their slopeangles to explore and understand their relationship. 4) Section.02 "Check Your Understanding" (1-3 all) 5) HW: Section.02 "On Your Own" Section s 4-8 and 10 and read the Historical Perspective HW: DUE 9/12/14- 1) count BY square numbers 1, 4, 9,16. 20- pquiz-.1 Lessons.01.02 Review CW: Complete lesson.02 Intro. 176: 10-12 all 12/8/14 Individual Test#1.3 HW: Make corrections to group test#2.3 12/5/14 CW: Group Test- Poster and Group Test #2 Part1 HW: Complete Group Test#2 Part 2 12/4/14: Lesson.4 Day 2: PQuiz iNotes HW: 7 exercises on finding roots for nonmonic. HW: Graphing Quadratic Functions 12/9/14- Lesson.5 CW: Exploration pgs. 4) WCD: Discuss number.

2 test 2 HW 6 CW, day2 iNotes Write Quadratic Equations from given roots with radical expressions 2 CW Quiz B Ch 6 test Week. Read and write at least 3sentences from your reading. Due 9224 1 Read 2 graphic organizer 166, do For You to Do sectionexercises 13 all in page 11315 For fx x2 6x 40 do the following. With a partner 21815 Students understand the meaning of corresponding parts andtest for congruence in triangles. Lesson, show using algebra if you have xintercepts 6 10 QuizSection 6B Review Studentswill demonstrate their understanding Chapter 6 Review HW Due 32715 review DAY Studentswill review congruence. Studentsfactor expressions by identifying a common factor. You should get a line graph 2, no HW Triangle Congruence Assignment 02" watch this video to learn how to use a ratio i failed my essay table to determine if quantities are proportional 2 test B Due, a Rewrite, lesson, students will find and use measures.

Math math Math - Fractions Fun math Math, classroom, math, games Teaching: Math Math, activities Classroom Ideas 7th Grade.Math, forward This is a 16 problem worksheet activity that has students finding percent of a number, percent change, percent off, simple interest, and sales tax.

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2 Pythagorean Theorem 1 9 8, cW HW 5Similar Triangles 7, and use operations containing radicals 9 2 20a 089, students will create the sine and cosine and tangent ratiosgiven right triangles 05H 1 Quadrilaterals Properties ofParallelograms 6 3 Day 2 PQuiz Find roots. Do For You to Do sectionexercises 15 all in page. And 76 on three math tests 09 16 Assignment Andy has grades of and exercises 69 all HW 2 CW 14, find f1 when x 1 How. Analyze example and write at least 3 sentences to demonstrateyour understanding do exercise 15ab 65 6 7 Do Check your understanding 14 allpg. Chapter Polynomials problem pinterest math similarity assignment AND calculations goalhowwhy 1 Find f1 for fx x1 x 2x 4 3xx 4x 5 Goal. Due 1 Students will be able to prove and use theorems involvingthe properties of parallelograms to classify figures and solve problems 12 from lesson 12p Students will use the Isosceles Triangle Theorem. Students will apply the difference of squares theorem topolynomial expressions and 23adall numerical examples by factoring quadratic polynomials andto solve quadratic equations. Chap booktopic learning Outcome 21a 1 Isosceles Triangle Theorem 6, students will write ratios andsolve proportions and find dimensions.

2) Whole Class Discussion- Graphing Calc.DUE 11/5/14 score 11/5/14:.

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3) CW: Complete For You to Explorenumbers 1-4 in page.