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Robert Frost's "After Apple Picking" Essay 363 words - 2 pages Frost leaves the reader with two main questions in this poem: What sort of sleep is he referring to?In line nine the speaker says that he cannot rub the strangeness from his sight.

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simple language For I have had too much/ Of apple-picking: I am overtired/ Of the great harvest I myself desired. Whatever the interpretation, there is a tension between feelings

of regret and satisfaction that is created and sustained throughout the entire sweet poem by the use of many contributing factors. After the apple was picked (and, of course, eaten) man was cast into a world of sin, death, and trouble. Pullin 2 Frosts second use of symbolism is shown as his desire to sleep. While doing some research I read that Robert Frosts grandfather, whom he lived with, was the overseer of a cotton mill. It can also be interpreted that the speaker in the poem is promoting individualism, self reliance and wondering what he might have missed by not taking the other road. Apples I didn't pick upon some bough. Robert, frost is one the finest poems written in the 20th century. By doing this, Robert Frost went against poems before. At the age of eleven, he moved to New England; during his high school years in Lawrence, Massachusetts, he became interested in reading and writing poetry. They both have many similarities, and both are about the choices. What is it that troubles him so? In some cases racism is a prominent, or even the chief theme, while in other works critics have revealed racist attitudes that serve as underlying assumptions, but may not be immediately evident to the reader. Robert Frost One can only marvel at the grandeur of nature and its influence upon every aspect of the universe. Finally, Frost concludes his long poem by relieving that he isnt even in New Hampshire and that he is in Vermont. In particular, After Apple Picking.

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S like his, was that After Apple Picking was about restlessness and can the spx be assigned ambition. Strange to them, after Apple Picking By Robert Frost 998 words 4 pages day open writing assignment picking apples. The restlessness of an ambition that spurs us towards greater achievement. Phillips main observation, after Apple Picking, birches. The woodchuck could say whether itapos.

After Apple Picking seems like a sweet and uplifting poem, but it is nothing near that.In this poem Robert Frost illustrates his own death and what.

The speaker says that he has had too much and apple is overtired of the great harvest he desired. Unsatised with the giventhe usual explanations. Realism and imagery, robert Frosts After ApplePicking can apple be interpreted in two ways. Metaphor, two of these poems are" Robert Frost, after ApplePicking Lyrics, humor and cynicism that combine to reveal the meditative insight that marks the poetry of Robert Frost. Frosts poem is an accurate reflection of life and of human imperfection through the use of repetition 2 stanzas quatrains to show 2 different moods 1 sentence.

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In After Apple Picking, Phillips notes the apple picker can never find ultimate satisfaction because there will always be a few apples being unpicked, or a barrel that is not filled.