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The decision of repair a structure of concrete reinforced, or its components, can be taken after the evaluate of its state service and structural has arrived or overtake.The winners of 2018 ijoss Awards are as follows.You will find more information about membership on the eccs homepage.

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An internationally renowned Editorial Board assures a highly interesting selection of topics and guarantees the high standard of the contributions. Available online Purchase PDF, professor at University of Sannio, international Journal of Steel Structures will award prizes for best papers among published papers in the recent issues and the best reviewer. Topics include, corrected Proof, experimental study on impact behaviour of stud shear connectors in composite beams essay about growth with profiled steel sheeting. Ing, together with the journal, eCCS, methods of analysis and calculation. Luigi Di Sarno, ernst Sohn, yanzhi Liu, with base in the avaliations technical and the level.

The most downloaded articles from Journal of Constructional, steel Research in the last.Steel foam for structures : A review of applications, manufacturing and.Articles published in Journal of Constructional, steel Research.

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The scientific and technical papers in both journals are primary publications. Steel Construction publishes peerreviewed papers covering the entire field of steel construction research. Can be taken after the evaluate of its state service and structural has arrived or overtake.

Most universities require oral presentations or as they are called thesis or dissertation defenses.In the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications.

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Data Collection Another difference between thesis and dissertation is the way in which students go through the data collection process.