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The complicated tax-levy system categorized by distortions between States and Cente which divides the country into separate economic zones with the help of GST will become one common national market.Objectives To know the demographic status of the respondents To study the awareness of GST among respondents To analyze the awareness on the basis of demographic factors (i.e.

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Minister. Positive impact on the Central and the State level. Some aspects need to be looked into- People know about the terms used in GST, scope of its implementation

There should be a specific list of goods and services that are subject to tax Most importantly, compliance to the rules and regulation should be checked. No Hypothesis Z Test (Value) At 5 Level of significance (Table Value) Result 1 There is no significant difference on awareness of GST among male and female.83.96 Accept 2 There is no significant difference on awareness of GST between UG.82.96. Read Also : Essay on India after GST and Demonetization Effects on GDP and Economy. To claim input tax credit, each dealer has essays due tomorrow org reviews an incentive to request documentation from the dealer behind him in the tax chain which will ensure tax compliance. Zapraszamy na naszą nową strone facebook Kliknij. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Gstn, the Goods and Services Tax Network is being setup with the objective to provide the requisite IT infrastructure and services for the proper roll-out and implementation of GST. Also, the variety of VAT tax laws in the country with disparate tax rates and dissimilar tax practices divides the country into separate economic spheres thereby creating tariff and non tariff barriers thereby hindering the free flow of trade in the country. Read Also: Impact Of GST- What Goes Up And What Goes Down. Sardana M (2005) Evolution of ECommerce in India Part.

Goods and Services Tax, another very important feature of the gstn is to develop Tax Payer Profiling Utility which is a very important aspect in ensuring efficient administration and achieve the GST goals. Will the Proposed Indirect Tax Reform Change Business and Tax Dynamics in India. Gst essay, essay on gst, in order to improve the economy of the country. All of these indirect taxes would come under a single roof. There is a huge hue and cry against its implementation. More than 60 occupational health and safety thesis topics of the total tax collected is accounted for indirect taxes. However, more than 150 countries have implemented GST so far. Essay on gst in 300 words.

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Reduced burden on central and state government. Sale and consumption of goods as well as on services Introduced with the motive One Country One Tax Its main objective is to combine all the taxes and make it one to make the compliance procedure simple and remove the. The present scenario of differing tax rates in different states obstructs cooperative federalism.


Patrick M (2015) Goods and Service Tax: Push for Growth.The burden of regressive taxes is another issue that the GST aims to redress.Particulars Yes No Total Male Female Particulars Respondents Percentage Total UG PG Table 2 : Awareness of GST on the basis of gender as demographic factor Table 3 : Awareness of GST on the basis of Qualification as demographic factor Source : Primary.

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GLS University, India, tel:, e-mail: email protected, received Date : February 16, 2016; Accepted Date: November 14, 2016; Published Date : November 20, 2016, citation: Dani S (2016) A Research Paper on an Impact of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Indian Economy.