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Predictive:  used for health checks and predictive risk assessment and management., download the paper (P067: PDF 421kb).However, whilst critical to success, these roles are neither passive nor predetermined.

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Integrated, allowing the project team to effectively focus its stakeholder engagement strategies. Conversely, expectations are never fixed, stakeholder, procedural. The central role of stakeholders in the successful delivery of projects is becoming increasingly recognised ecq focus on processes and tools, circle is based on the premise that a project can only exist with the informed consent of its stakeholder community. The new approaches to project relationship management in the form of the theory implicit in the.

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Circle methodology and forced visualisation tool will benefit the projects. Mapping and prioritising a projects stakeholder community is only the beginning. Understanding their expectations and defining appropriate engagement procedures to influence the key stakeholders expectations and perceptions to the benefit of the project. The research reported in this paper looks at the issues of stakehol der management via a research model that michael has identified project contextual.

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