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The film undoubtedly carries undertones of this, particularly in Jeffs disregard for his neighbours privacy and his unparalleled ability to jump to conclusions about them.This visual cue indicates to viewers that we are seeing what Jeff is seeing, and is one of the few ways that Hitchcock helps audiences assume Jeffs point-of-view in key moments.The window is shown to represent almost a cinema-like view for Jeff.

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invalid and which is the caretaker. Alfred Hitchcocks 1954 Rear Window is a film full of symbolism, narratives, voyeurism and characterisation. Even when he becomes involved with one

of the other characters, he does not leave the comfort of his chair or his home. The majority of the sound throughout the film is diegetic opposed to non-diegetic. Everything you always wanted to know about Lacan but were afraid to ask Hitchcock. Describe the similarities between Lisa and the other single women around the courtyard. Rear Window Music Analysis Internet. By using this it means the audience get a real feel for Jeff and his isolation. Hitchcock does not attempt to arouse the audience's sympathy for Mrs. The director, the cast, the story. Each of the women in Jeff's courtyard represents a different possible outcome for Lisa's life. In fact, Jeff is the only character in the film (that we know of) who is watching everyone else, and therefore observing the juxtaposing relationships the way we are. Another crucial historical element is the institution of marriage, and how important it was to people during the 1950s. Her initial wardrobe represents her elegance and refinery whilst also communicating a degree of incompatibility with Jeff. Obviously, he finds his dramatic fix when he witnesses Lars Thornwald acting as though he were covering up killing his wife. But Stella and Jeff could only watch helplessly as Thorwald attacked her in the dark. Finally, the wedding ring of Mrs Thorwald is hugely significant; wedding rings in general represent marriage and commitment, and are still very important symbols that people still wear today. Perhaps he is subconsciously aware of the similarities between his relationship with Lisa and the relationship of Lars Thornwald with Anna Thorwald. The entire first act of the film is about their relationship; we don't even learn Thorwald's name until halfway through the film. There are three main protagonists in the film, the first, previously mentioned Jefferies, the second being Jefferies girlfriend (Lisa) and the third being Jefferies nurse (Stella). At the beginning of the film, Lisa and Jeff are seen as quite distant with each other and almost as strangers, they are shown as two very different characters. Specifically, Mrs Thorwalds ring means a couple of things in the context of the filmit is firstly a crucial piece of evidence (since if Mrs Thorwald was still alive, she would probably still be wearing it but it is also a symbol through which Lisa. Another handy visual cue is the cross-cut, which is an example of the Kuleshov effect. Hitchcock ultimately resolves both of these storylines in the films denouement. Rear Window has been referred to be Hitchcocks most intellectual film. For starters, he is a photographer. Why or why not? This makes Thorwalds entrance into Jeffs apartment, during the end of the film, ever more dramatic, as it is the first time someone which he has been watching interacts with him, whereas before there was the distance of the courtyard and this distance created. Reference Copied to Clipboard. Rear Window s release in 1954 inform and shape the interactions and events of the film.

He ends up stuck in his apartment with two broken legs. Moved down and stocked into miss lonely hearts apartment. Camera leaved Thorwalds window, however it is perhaps the relationship of Jeff and Lisa that. Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was one of the greatest English filmmakers and producers who not only pioneered many techniques in the psychological thriller genre but also employed more musical styles and techniques than any other informative thesis statement directors in history.

Whats wrong with her, in the distance, the 1950s. The character college of Doyle says almost these exact words. During this era, jeff Jeffries is portrayed by James Stewart. This represents Jeff being socially isolated and any social encounters are far away. And while the Thornwalds are gone. He is playing the role of Anna Thornwald.

This is the most remarkable scene involving the courtyard digging, Jeff and Stella tensely watch her put down the suicide pill and stared upward thoughtfully, searching for the sources of the music.Specifically, the cross-cut shifts from a shot of a person to a second shot of something that this person is watching.In addition, the viewer has the contrast of the old content couple, who dote on their dog and sleep out on their balcony every night, with the newlyweds who hide themselves behind closed shades, most likely to have some privacy while they fornicate.

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By being immobilized and using his brain and wits to fight off and protect others from a murderer he no longer must rely on the stereotypical brawn to make him feel manly and in charge.