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It is this attitude that is to be discouraged.As we all know space tourism is a very wide industry hence it will open a path for many job opportunities bringing a solution to the problem of jobless people to a certain extent.

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rapid strides towards achieving this have been taken. The heaven, the stars, the planets and the satellites. In fact, there is a long waiting list of laymen who wish

to sight see space. We can experience firsthand the beauty of comets, asteroids, stars and planets rather than seeing them by using internation crime essay a telescope, after all seeing with our own eyes have a different feel completely. He spent 8 days on the ISS. It has also made people suspect that; their military secrets are no longer secrets. Space race is a close race and the world is anxiously watching who is going to win. In 2002, Mark Shuttle worth, a South African millionaire, became the second space tourist. In 2006, Anousheh Ansari became the first female to buy a ticket for space tourism. Some people want to know why man wants to explore space, at an enormous cost, especially at a time when much money is needed to remove poverty and hunger from the face of this earth. Space scientists of many countries have launched missiles that move at the speed of thousands of kilometers per hour. Just for the mere pleasure of the eye there is no need to spend so much. Image Source : t, advertisements: But he preferred not to be called a tourist as he conducted many experiments during his stay at the ISS.

Space tourism essay.

The future of tourism will flourish. Opening up possibilities of further space what probe. Even one trip to space takes over hundred thousand dollars. On the other hand, they launched into outer space the first man made earth satellite. Much larger satellite how containing a dog.

Space travel holds out great possibilities. It was again Russian, one can always learn from other mistakes but the present system does not allow any scope for doing this. Yuri Gagarin, these spectacular achievements of the Russians spurred on the Americans to launch their Explorer in January. They travel so fast that within a short time they reach beyond the gravitational pull of the earth and pass into limitless space. Space scientists have invented rockets which move through space at enormously swift speed.

So, it is a part of man's spirit of adventurethe same spirit that sent him round the world to discover a new continent on his way to India; the spirit that sent him up the Himalayas to reach Mount Everest; the spirit that has given.And the huge sums of money that are being spent on space research can easily be used to feed the hungry and to heal the suffering.Such tourism however is the privilege of the hugely wealthy for it costs a lot of money.

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But as demand grows, the cost of space travel might come down and even the middle class may soon be able to sign up for tours to outer space.