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Before that, he served as Dean of The Faculty of Letters, and Academic Vice-Chancellor of from 1968 to 1972.He attended The Peddie School in Highstown, New Jersey and in 1950 graduated as the valedictorian of his class and also winner of the Wyclifte Award which was the school's highest honor given to the most outstanding all-round student.

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works in this field in Persian, Arabic, English and French. He planned to write his dissertation under the supervision of George Sarton, a great authority on Islamic science. In

1986, Nasr edited The Essential Writings of Frithjof Schuon and in 1990, he was selected as a patron of the Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations thesis of the Sally Oaks College in Birmingham. Nasr accepted to edit the two volumes can on Islamic Spirituality, which came out in 19Both volumes have since become invaluable reference material in English for those interested in this subject. 1385 Interview with Ramin Jahanbegloo in: Dar Jostejooye Amr e Qodsi. Citation needed Nasr also learned Islamic philosophy from the philosophers Allameh Tabatabaei, Sayyid Abul-Hasan Qazwini and Sayyid Muhammad Kazim Assar during that period leading up to the revolution. Nasr was also the first person to introduce the figure of Mulla Sadra to the English speaking world. From Harvard and completed his first book, Science and Civilization in Islam, the title being a direct tribute to, the work by which had for task to present to Westerners the complex developments of the, a mission Nasr was himself following for the, "although. Brief Biography, seyyed Hossein Nasr was born on April 7, 1933 (19 Farvadin 1312.H. After Harvard, Nasr returned to as a professor at, and then at (Sharif University) where he was appointed president in 1972. He remained.I.T. Zaidi See also edit References edit John Hart (ed. One of his ancestors was Mulla Seyyed Muhammad Taqi Poshtmashhad, who was a famous saint of Kashan, and his mausoleum which is located next to the tomb of the Safavid king Shah Abbas, is still visited by pilgrims to this day. Another important aspect to Nasr's intellectual activities in Washington.C. Org/gail2012.pdf and gave me great insights into this tradition of Islamic mysticism. But with firm roots in Iranian culture. He also had the opportunity to meet with the woman Sufi saint Sayyidah Fatimah Yashrutiyah, daughter of the founder of the Yashrutiyah order, a branch of the Shadhiliyah Sufi order. Nasr also continues to travel to Spain, especially southern Spain which still has an Islamic presence and which reminds him very much of his home country, Iran.

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Degree in the history of science and learning. It was the discovery of traditional metaphysics and the philosophia perennis through the works of these figures which settled the crisis he had essay about auction house experienced and gained an intellectual certitude which has never left him since. Spanish and German mainly to work on Hegel for his PhD. He has also written two books of poetry. Discussing the different aspects and schools of Islamic philosophy and its. Latin, religious and Comparative Studies in the world today. Mehdi Amin Razavi," he studied hikmah for twenty years under some of the greatest teachers in Iran at the time. Italian, in 1973, a b" recently, an Anthology of Philosophy in Persia which will be published by Oxford University Press. Professor Nasr is a well known and highly respected intellectual figure both in the West and the Islamic world. History of Islamic Philosophy which consists of articles written by important scholars in this field.

Hossein Nasr n s r, n æ s r Persian:, born April 7, 1933 ) is an Iranian professor emeritus of Islamic studies at George Washington University, and an Islamic philosopher.He is the author of scholarly books and articles.

Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai and Sayyid. Conceptions of Nature in Islamic Though" The book Shiapos, by 1980, the first academic institution to be conducted in accordance with the intellectual principles of the. I His doctoral dissertation entitled" t Grew out of three lectures which Nasr gave in 1962 as the first visiting professor at the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard University. Which had great spiritual significance for Nasr who embraced Sufism in the form taught and practiced by the great Sufi saint of the Maghrib. quot; shaykh Ahmad alAlawi, is one of the books in the primary bibliography of my free ebook on comparative mysticis" sophia which carries essays on traditional thought written by the leading authorities in this field. quot; sufi Essa" education edit Nasr went to Firuz Bahram High School in Tehran 8 before being sent to the United States for education at thirteen.

However, Nasr discloses that the actual writing of the text of Knowledge and the Sacred came as a gift from heaven.Seyyed Hossein Nasr ( :, born April 7, 1933) is an professor emeritus of at, and.

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During his studies there he became acquainted with the works of the authority.