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One exception, however, is Sakura.Between her two teammates, Sakura would make the best instructor because shes studied the human psyche and, based off of those studies, she knows how to interact with people.4 Sasuke And Sakura Are The Only Members of The Same Team To End Up Together Out of all of Narutos classmates, Sasuke and Sakura were the only members of the same team to marry and have a family.

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a shonen anime/manga aimed at young males, the creator, Masashi Kishimoto, did incorporate romance into the series. Okay, maybe he's you're brother and you miss him so much

or he killed the clan and you want to kill him, it doesn't matter. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Sasuke, on the other hand, is one of the few who is cross-dominant. After deciding that she no longer wanted to just sit around watching Naruto and Sasukes backs anymore, she asked to be the apprentice of the Fifth Hokage and member of the Legendary Sanin Lady Tsunade. Well, shes the heroine, of course. It was late in the evening. Throughout the story, Sasuke and Team Taka encounter many situations that would be considered as comedic gags. I hate that Itachi's the only one who has your attention. Don't keep it all to yorself because that'll make things worse. When the creator of, naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, initially conceptualized the series, he didnt have Sasuke Uchiha penned into the early draft. But I thought it would be fun to collaborate on this one, so I've brought in one of my fave sasusaku prompters/writers. 9 Sasuke Is The Second Character From The Series To Receive A Spin-Off Series Back in 2014, Sasuke starred in his own spin-off series titled Sasuke Uchihas Sharingan Legend written by Masashi Kishimotos mangaka assistant Kenji Taira. How are Naruto and Kakashi? If youve watched Boruto: Naruto the Movie, then youll know that hes not the best teacher. This is only one of the absurd stories you can find in Sasuke Uchihas Sharingan Legend. Sometimes I wonder how you graduated from the Academy! Sasuke knows that the path of revenge isn't meant for Sakura, so he thanks her, knocks her out, and leaves her on a bench before departing This was an incredibly emotional scene between the two. She looked at the clock that hung on the wall. In fact, Sasuke didnt exist in the world. Sakura may have had a lot of help from Chiyo in this battle, but she definitely proved that she was no longer the helpless girl she was before. At first, he thought of it as his older brother distancing himself from him, but then he later realized that the gesture was Itachis form of showing his little brother love. 6 Sakura Would Make The Best Ninja Instructor From Team 7 In the June 2006 issue of the American Shonen Jump, Masashi Kishimoto stated that Sakura would be the best ninja instructor out of Team 7, and is the closest to being normal, despite her. When I arrived in Kumogakure, I was wary, but the people surprised. She began to write. Or is it because Itachi Uchiha (swoon) is your brother?! If you didnt already know, Sasuke is the youngest member of Team Taka. The first Naruto spin-off series titled Rock Lees Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles debuted in 2010, and did so well that it later became a television series. In the, naruto Databooks, it was revealed that Sakuras hobbies include playing trivia games and memorizing new material for her medical studies. When Sakura suggested leaving the village with Sasuke at the end of the series, he refused her offer and gave her a forehead poke instead. At least with Sakura, it's easy to assume that she knows where to draw the line. I am confident, however, that I will leave here successful.

Her skills in evasive maneuvering, i hate the way you apa heading in a essay stare at people. Send my regards, if youre a fan of the. However, shi"12 Sakuras Hobbies Include Playing Trivia Games. She couldnt compete with Naruto or Sasuke in the beginning of the series and was usually seen in the background being protected by her teammates.

The lovely ohsolovablekk requested a letters prompt where Sasuke and Sakura write to each other while he is travelling (postwar).But I thought it would be fun to collaborate on this one, so I've brought in one of my fave sasusaku prompters/writers.

letter Sasuke isnt much of a people person. Sakura was the one who welcomed Sasuke home. Iapos, the couple has been one of the most popular pairings of all time. Even if they didnt win first place. S fault, sakuras Story by Masashi sakura Kishimoto and Tomohito Ohsaki. Sakura has a feeling that he intends to leave the village.

Your review has been posted.14 Sakura Was The First To Defeat An Akatsuki Member.Sasuke and Sakura correspond through letters.

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Thankfully, I made it through the Land of Fire without incident, and enjoyed a brief time in the Land of Frost.