Salesforce Platform Developer 2 Programming Assignment Tips

Tips on Passing the m Advanced Developer (501

Then youll get the List has no rows for assignment error.But this ended up being a BIG mistake!

Animation assignment ideas: Salesforce programming assignment tips. John steinbeck essay

access Schema, trigger and Visualforce Page execution orders. The standard controller will automatically check crud access before performing the operation. January 25, 2015 Jonathan Kilburn Weve all had situations

where you needed to dynamically build a query. Also, perform both positive and negative asserts. You have to strive for near 100 code coverage. Now you can test the condition before you even execute the query. Write good assert statements. To reuse this query to find users in other Profiles you change Partner to name (where name represents the Profile Name) in order to get the users of a profile or group of Profiles. My assumption (similar. Normally as a programmer Id lean toward using a regular expression (or regex). . So I decided I will work until the 18th and then start work on this from the 19th which would give me roughly 10 days. When I went to write it, my coding was complete and test cases were 70 done. Like R2D2 in The Force Awakens, I was semi-comatose waiting on Salesforce to send me the programming Assignment! Along that same line, apex:inputField tags will be rendered as read-only elements for fields that are set to read-only through FLS. DO NOT underestimate this exam. I found that most of what I used were common to everyday m development, but I did unearth a couple of techniques while researching to find the most ideal implementation that I hadnt known about in the past (things that were harped on frequently. Read this GEM of a document. The first is an soql Queries you can run that will give you a count of Users by Profile. . But it seemed manageable. Make it near perfect. Use static boolean variables to deal with recursion. If you come from a Java/C# background, you have a leg up in that you will be pretty familiar with the syntax, but I still wouldnt advocate jumping into the test without some test development. However using other input tags such as apex:inputText or apex:inputTextArea with SObject fields indicate to VisualForce that the fields should not be treated as SObject fields and prevent the platform to automatically enforcing FLS. Have comments above kids classes and methods that explain their purpose and the arguments that they require. It was at this time that reality hit. The signup for the programming assignment is something that youll want to set a reminder for, as it usually sells out in a couple hours (and since it only comes around every 3-4 months, that is a long wait). Crud settings are applied at the profile level. Well as one example something like checking sharing settings on records so that different profile users get different number of records. What does it mean?

Salesforce loves testing on data security and sharing so make sure your application respects the security and access part explained in the assignment PDF. Then named it Sample crud and select the Object Settings. But when it is done, to see an example, a page controller may use internal logic to determine the appropriate value to display. For instance, field Level In this article Im going to talk about Object and Field Level security and the different techniques you can use to work with them when creating custom personal code.

Salesforce programming assignment tips

This thing needs 6080 hours of work. I should say that disaster struck since there is 1 hour allocated and time will FLY. I could not register soon after the email arrived and so all the slots were taken. I noticed that substitute while it only accepts 3 parameters it will always return itself as unaltered text if the search string is not found. And I probably went a little beyond what I normally would do on a project as the requirements of the assignment were pretty explicit. Now you can use the List type to store these types of lists help and retrieve them pretty much anywhere you might need them.

Before you take the exam, organize your thoughts and make notes on the design considerations, testing best practices and steps you took to improve scalability of your application.If I select Accounts I will be present with the Object Permissions and the Field Permissions.Preparing For The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam, Salesforce recently launched a new certification: Marketing Cloud Consultant under the Implementation Experts  Marketers track.

M Programming - Advanced Development Tips

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Testing the application, your unit tests will be judged and examined at par with the main application logic so make sure you follow testing best practices.