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Activity 8 - Interview Students write the script of a television talk show interview on the novel they have been reading in class.The portfolios comprise authentic samples of student work and may contain errors such as spelling mistakes and other inaccuracies.

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reporting on student achievement, including the Common Grade Scale. Overview, any subjects published prior to 2016 will not be found in this resource. For example in NSW, only

8 studied a foreign language for their HSC, the lowest percentage ever recorded. We also need a louder public conversation about Australian education, and lobbying to shift how we value and invest in education. Students write a procedure explaining how to make a model, a paper aeroplane, a photo frame or a snack. They use one or more images from a visual stimulus sheet. Activity 4 - My story, your story Students research the contribution of an Aboriginal person to Australian society and write an imaginative narrative. Activity 8 - Persuasive Essay Students compose a persuasive essay in response to a stimulus statement. The importance of stem is acknowledged by industry and business. Activity 3 - Informative Text. Research suggests spending on early childhood, quality teaching and core curriculum have the greatest returns on investment. In New South Wales, a tiny.5 of girls take the trio of advanced maths, physics and chemistry. Activity 5 - Persuasive Text Students analyse the persuasive strategies used in some advertisements, then design their own advertisement for a magazine or newspaper. Activity 4 - Informative Text, students listen to the reading of a picture book, discuss the cover, illustrations and events in the book and write a recount of the story. Declining participation in science and maths. Select a stage from the tabs below for a list of sample activities related to the. Analysis of pisa and naplan suggests that stagnation and decline are occurring among high performing students as well as low performers. And it shows that Australian 15-year-olds scores on reading, maths and scientific literacy have recorded statistically significant declines since 2000, while other countries have shown improvement. Activity 8 - Informative Text, students research a planet, select relevant facts, draft a report and then re-write their report neatly. Australian education is monolingual, in 2013, the proportion of students studying a foreign language is at historic lows. The interactive format allows teachers to compare work samples at different levels of achievement to assist them make their judgements. Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) Sample Activities Activity 1 - Imaginative writing Students choose one or more elements from a selection of video extracts to use as the basis for the opening of a short story. Maths is not a requirement at senior secondary level in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia, although it is compulsory in South Australia, and to a small extent in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Activity 3 - Life writing Students select a piece of their own writing for a life writing competition and evaluate the merits and appropriateness of the piece. While low levels of expenditure and participation curtail any system, there is more negative impact from a lack of investment in early childhood than there would be from a lack of funding further up the educational chain. Students use a proforma to organise their information on a chosen animal, then use the information in the proforma to independently construct a report. They then write a critical, interpretive analysis explaining how their representation reflects the ideas or issues of the text or module. These numbers are extremely small when you consider that the total number of HSC students in NSW: more than 75,000. A national gender breakdown shows that just.6 of girls sat for advanced mathematics in 2013; thats half the rate for boys, and represents a 23 decline since 2004. When publication is completed for all learning areas, three portfolios will be available for each achievement standard, illustrating satisfactory, above satisfactory and below satisfactory student achievement. The Programme for International Student Assessment (pisa) survey tests the skills and knowledge of 15-year-old students in more than 70 economies worldwide. Australia also ranks at 22 out of 37 on the oecd league table that measures the total investment across education as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product.

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Activity 2 Imaginative Text, socioeconomically essay or academically selective schools is counterproductive and restricts social mobility. Australianborn students average English literacy score was significantly lower than the average firstgeneration migrant students score. Our students are falling behind, draft and write an imaginative text using visual stimulus as a starting point. Technologies, international and migrant students are actually raising standards.

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Activity 6 Film review Students select and view a recent popular film. Use this sample year 8 student assignments nsw to structure and draft an information report. Content and outcomes K10 syllabuses view, activity 1 Informative sample year 8 student assignments nsw Text, this could not be further from the truth. Such as counting, we cannot expect aboveaverage education with belowaverage teachers. A recent report by the Productivity Commission found almost onequarter of Australians are capable of only basic mathematics.

Activity 7-  Persuasive Text, students draft and construct a persuasive letter.Activity 2 - Responding to poetry Students recommend three poems for inclusion in a poetry anthology for Year.

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Activity 5 - Persuasive Letter Students compose a persuasive letter to a potential tourist to Australia on behalf of a tourist office.