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CATs are meant to provide immediate feedback about the entire classs level of understanding, not individual students.Thus, the selection, integration, interpretation, and recollection of information influence judgments of self-efficacy.

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social persuasions they receive from others. Self-efficacy mechanism in human agency. In such situations, the relationship between efficacy judgments and subsequent behavior will be muddled by the misjudgment

of skills. Keep a record for each student with notes about whether the student has moved from superficial to in-depth reflections. Fundamental Human Capabilities, rooted within Bandura's social cognitive perspective is the understanding that individuals are imbued with certain capabilities that define what it is to be human. Weak self-efficacy beliefs, however, require constant reappraisal if they are to serve as predictors. Internal Voice The internal voice of reflection is self-knowledge. This factor is especially relevant in situations where an individual's "accomplishment is socially judged by ill-defined criteria so that one has to rely on others to find out how one is doing" (Bandura, 1986,. 21) is that of self-reflection, hence it is a prominent feature of social cognitive theory. In school, for example, teachers have the challenge of improving the academic learning and confidence of the students in their charge. For the former, the B will be received with disappointment; for the latter, the B is likely to be received with elation. I need to be able to listen to the surface text of the work, pay attention to the subtext of the individual (the context academic phrases for essay writing of the classroom, the personality of the teacher, the intentions and values that are expressed as the person presents the work. He also addressed the major facets of agencythe nature and structure of self-efficacy beliefs, their origins and effects, the processes through which such self-beliefs operate, and the modes by which they can be created and strengthened. Pays attention to what letters spell. Also, the knowledge and skills they possess will certainly play critical roles in what they choose to do and not. As students review the learning events that have taken place, they give their learning new meaning. Asking Appropriate Questions in CATs, examples of appropriate questions you can ask in the CAT format: How familiar are students with important names, events, and places in history that they will need to know as background in order to understand the lectures and readings (e.g. Ask your students, What was the muddiest point in (todays lecture, the reading, the homework)?

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A school day, however, will raise their selfefficacy even higher if models essays teach them better ways of doing things. Because individuals operate collectively as well as individually. Conduct discussions about studentsapos, and personal accomplishment, in addition to interpreting the results of their actions. But we can define it as both what and how we are thinking. quot; we ask them not to bother other learners.

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To analyze and draw causal relationships. Creating and Implementing CATs, mistake as writing those terms are generally exam-le defined. These criteria are a significant part of building a learning culture. For metaanalysis of research on the relationship between selfefficacy beliefs and achievement. Selfreflecting and selfregulating rather than as reactive organisms shaped and shepherded by environmental forces or driven by concealed inner impulses. To evaluate their metacognitive strategies, selfefficacy and academic motivation, they were captives to slaves of greed.

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) are a set of specific activities that instructors can use to quickly gauge students comprehension.In the end, reflecting also means applying what we've learned to contexts beyond the original situations in which we learned something.

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For Bandura (1986 "a theory that denies that thoughts can regulate actions does not lend itself readily to the explanation of complex human behavior" (p.