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Robinson and the way Boo was locked up in his house.Scout walks Boo Radley home and stops to look at the street from his doorstep.Mentally, Scout is an extremely bright girl.

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from his window and comes down to rescue Scout and Jem and kill Bob Ewell. In Maycomb itself racism was rife, and the case of Tom Robinson proves this.

The town has a very how to get good grades essay strong prejudice against blacks for no apparent reason reason other than color. Scout then walks Boo home, and learns something very important about life. This shows that she feels sorry for them but they only have. He is an aging man who isnt very dominating in size. Scout and the other children all recognize the horrible prejudice and hatred that most of the adults are either a big part of or oblivious. He quickly carried the unconsious Jem to the Finch house. Tom Robinson had only went into the Ewell house to chop up a cabinet, but was then framed for rape. According to Atticus sister Alexandria, Atticus is the most pure and good-hearted person one may ever see. Not only is it a book for pleasure, it shows us how far we have come and how far we still have. Maycomb is a fictional small town that is very realistic compared with the average southern town in the thirties.

Arthur Boo Radley, as they tom robinson prejudice essay would have done of any other man with dark coloured skin. Scout realizes that it is the first time she has actually seen Boo. And that she loves him for what he has done.

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Jean Louise essay Scout Finch is the narrator older and another major carachter in To Kill A Mockingbird. The time period of the book revolves around the 1930. Tom and Boo both had similar qualities they both had affects on different characters in the story. Atticus Finch is the head of the Finch household. Atticus is the most important protagonistand carachter. Tries to escape from jail, they don t belong anywhere, jem.

No one wanted to be a black man s friend and if someone said he had done something wrong, he had obviously done something wrong.Boo Radley and Tom Robinson, both Boo Radley and Tom Robinson were outcasts to the society.

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He sometimes tried to connect with the outside world by putting gifts in the trees for Jem and Scout (Lee, 278 only to be cut off by Nathan Radley cementing the hole shut.