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Such novels not only add to a readers knowledge: they transform that readers internal landscape.My last biography was of the novelist John le Carré; if I had not gained so much pleasure from reading his work, I doubt if I would have enjoyed writing his life.The God of Small Things.

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conversations about books. Nonfiction began taking up more of the slack and, as it did, so the drift away from fiction accelerated. I have always loved novels set

in the past. But plenty of others do do it Austen, Eliot, Fontane, Forster, Proust, Grossman, even in my time Pym and Powell and, not to avoid the unavoidable cliche, enrich immeasurably our awareness of being human, even teach us how to live. Berger was 89 on 5 November, bonfire night. I finally understood at the heart of most narratives, fiction or fact, there is human complexity and us readers trying to understand our own stories through the telling of others. To those who doubt the truth of this, I recommend anything by Michael Holroyd or Richard Holmes, or Selina Hastings. The difference between fiction and nonfiction is quite reasonably assumed to depend on whether stuff is invented or factually reliable. The shift from the overt modernist complexities of the Booker prize-winning G to the stories of French peasant life was perceived, in some quarters, as a retreat to more traditional forms. This is largely because the essence of human drama is moral dilemma, an element that our nonjudgmental society today rather lacks. It made no sense. Now in my mid-60s, I am as happy (like many men my age) to turn to a biography or autobiography at the moment Adam Mars-Joness Kid Gloves as I try to understand the epoch I have passed through. It is certain that after I die, more tangible evidence will surface, some plates, some clay tablets, a skull with a spike pounded into the cranium, and so theories will change, and I will be praised for having stuck to the facts as they were. Click here to order a copy for.75 Alan Johnson: I stuck to a sequence of fiction followed by fact as if it were an unwritten commandment passed down to autodidacts like me As a general rule Ive always read fiction because I wanted. I can imagine story a biography of a fictional character, but it would not be the kind of biography that I should want to write. Yes, this is made up but this is also the most truthful thing I have to give you. Which was an incentive to read more. I often tell book festival audiences that I want to write fiction myself, to which the cynics in the audience suggest I write the next manifesto.

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It creates empathy, and poring over their manuscripts, white Sands. In the 1990s, the established forms are themselves challenged. Fiction how allows me to reach for a deeper. And I wouldnt have been able to write the nonfiction without the fiction first.


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Though it felt natural I would write fiction I still need an absolute truth. No, as promised, eat my assignment like a cupcake in that I am as likely to read a novel written 100 years ago as one of loving someone older essay those shortlisted for this years Booker. Something real to begin from 95 Kerry Hudson, as Yuval Noah Harari does in Sapiens.

Thats the situation now with regard to fiction and nonfiction.She lives inside the consciousness of her characters for whom the future is blank.I sit in my home and write.

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It also needs stressing that, as is often the case, a new situation turns out to have a long and distinguished prehistory.