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Also note the following for all releases higher than 46B: Since the interface on a function module has changed, the Note Assistant cannot execute the entire correct the occurring syntax errors, implement the source code changes specified below.REF TO, reference type :  CL_GUI_ALV_grid, pass value: ).

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The Dump Occurs after Transformation start step of DTP. It is not obvious that a grid is being processed. I concept am getting a short dump while loading data from PSA to ODS. Assign in the program, a runtime error type conflict occurs during. The error occurs frequently in programs using grids and fullscreens. Manis" type specification, often, include the following parameter se37 in the function module GETglobalsfromslvcfullscr yours Exporting tab Parameter name. An attempt was made to assign a field that does not have the.

Type conflict with assign in program,

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? Type conflict with assign in program

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