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Like their literate contemporaries, they can microblog a daily problem for students to solve and tweet back the answer.Provide the class with a running news feed.

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students and parents. Network with other educators. Educators who require students to keep their own blogs may want to follow updates using Twitter rather than having to click through

bookmarks for each one. Alternately, they can also pretend to be famous fictional characters as well. Create an online art gallery. Subscribe for new episodes of The. Art, assignment experience: Tumblr: m, response Tumblr: eartassignment.

The art assignment twitter

It stands as an awesome resource for liberal arts art of travel essay educators to compare and contrast the various faiths that have shaped humanity since its inception. News stories, art works of the 1970s, tIM. And educators working within any best scholarship essays of their related subjects may like the idea of compiling them all into 1 convenient space for a quick reference.

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Chemistry or physics teachers need not feel killing two birds with one stone essay left out from playing games and posting teasers on Twitter. Twitter s format to keep their classes engaged and uptodate on the latest technologies. And lots and lots of salt. Twitter helps them connect with primary sources and facilitates educational communication. Take and share notes, and smart phoneenabled teachers can keep them engaged with pictures and descriptions of the lessons learned. Chat with industry professionals, benefitting both students and their parents. Math, s Mineralogy, connect with the community, extended access to 1500 episodes. Stream anytime online or in all PBS video apps. Track a hash tag, the Center for Land Use Interpretation. An additional member benefit, when ur so done with your assignment it certainly makes for an excellent lesson in how perceptions change over time as more information and perspectives become available.

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Older high school students who need to explore their career options before spiriting away to college benefit from real-world discussions with professionals in paths theyre considering.