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When it comes to world problems we always imagine a community like in the book where people live under control with no abnormalities, where people have no special purpose on earth.Home, papers, essay About the Giver 'Sameness sameness IN THE giver What would it feel like living in a world which everyone is same and the life is monotone?

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our freedom but live in a world like ours? E can not get over our differences to look beyond in this life, in the book the people can not

get over their sameness to look beyond. (93) To maintain their utopian community the people in it have decided to rule out choosing because it can cause some problems like doing something wrong. Well Jonas had to stop and think it through. We dont dare dont dare to let the people make choices of their own. Ask our professional writer! Likewise, In the community, every the giver sameness essay family unit must have two children according to the rules and one of them must be male when the other is female. Sameness is the opposite of creativity. The Giver transmitted a memory of a sledding accident. But its all the same, always. It is ironic that when Jonas wanted to give them the memories, they couldnt receive it because they were already closed themselves to any improvement. Explain what you mean. Actually, its a community which is based on strict rules just to prevent people from feelings, colors,and all the values which a human must have tasted at least once during their life times. Sometimes choices and sameness are related. Samelike to those, the citizens never have random activities or do things which delays their daily routine. Cannot choose loved ones 2) At the ceremony. They eat the same food,live in the same houses. Lowry conveyed her ideas both with in advantages and disadvantages, and the diversity which citizens in the community have lost. Similarly to The Ceremony of Twelve, the citizens who are 9 years old also have a special ceremony, which every children receive a bike. They live in a sedated state of mind without being aware of what they can give to themselves, to their families, to their community by being different. I would recommend this book to my friends in order to discuss a healthy idea of balance.

Up to pa" in our world we need choices because we learn when we make wrong ones. Kids become adults and their lives will change forever. Gabriela is a newborn that will have to be" At the age of twelve, essay cultural the and social values, easy to hide. Because she failed to meet the community standards. Release" there is always an impulse in us to question anything. How come people became pets in their own lives.

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No choices means that we cant really express who we are it is similar to sameness. But throughout the story, our unusualness is one university level case study essay examples of the elements of what makes us unique. Read more, would anyone be happy, jonas fell off the sled. But I want them, also including the loss wharton mba essays 2018 of diversity.

It isnt fair that nothing has color!A place that is "perfect" in many ways, free of war and pain.

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