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Transfer student admissions, transfer students with a minimum.5 cumulative GPA in 12 to 74 semester credit hours of study from their transfer institution must complete an Honors College application and present a personal education essay.That sentence was the first sentence of a college essay that immediately captured my attention.

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all courses designated as honors must be approved by The Honors College. And good storytelling makes for a good essay. Its an opportunity for you to tell us

a true story about yourself. To learn more php about our web site privacy practices, please review. Specific directions for the paper are on the The Honors College website,.edu. By Christal Holmes, Assistant Director for Admissions Communications.

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Be sure that the flow is logical. What is it that the college admissions committee is looking for in the application essay. M Replacing the personal statement vcu college essay vcu college essay from our former application are essay prompts that all applicants must answer if theyre completing the Common Application.

Vcu college essay

Freshman applicants must send official high school transcripts and either SAT or ACT scores. It is also a time when you can explain anything in your application that essay might need college further information. Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. That first sentence certainly made me want to read more and to learn more about the applicant.

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