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An application is necessary to the body corporate to advise that a lot owner/tenant wishes to keep a pet on the premises.Your request will need to be submitted to the body corporate committee.

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a Chihuahua. First off, know that tenant laws differ from state to state: many people will be aware that in 2017, Victoria took a big step forward by changing

the rights of renters across the state. So, how did our staff go about this mythical task? Now, real estate agents and their landlords can no longer include a no pets clause in rental agreements, and while renters will still have to ask for consent, landlords can only refuse in certain circumstances. If permission is granted, it is subject to a number of conditions, to which you must agree research in writing; for example: At no time will you cause or permit the Community Management Statement or other by-laws to be breached. Breed of Pet (Include crossbreed if applicable. Write a letter to your strata executive committee asking for permission. But, what if I want a pet other than a cat or dog? If you have an assistance animal, you outright cannot be refused that animal. However, generally speaking, no strata can deny you of pet ownership without a good cause (and any of their by-laws that work around this must be presented to you 7 days before you move in to a new property). The strata managing agent will then submit your application to the owners corporation via the strata committee for its determination. Residents must seek permission to keep a pet. You can request a copy of the by-laws to get an up-to-date copy of your schemes by-laws. The Community Association has authorised each strata executive committee to approve applications to keep pets. Accept full responsibility and indemnify the Body Corporate for any claims or injuries to third parties or their property caused by, or as a result of, actions by my pet. You can even offer to have your entire apartment professionally cleaned and any pests (e.g. Some landlords and body corporates do not count caged animals in their policy, or animals weighing less than 5 kilograms for example. Street Address City State / Province / Region. Name first Last, is your address the same as above? When this happens, pets are surrendered or abandoned completely. Owning a pet and renting a property isn't impossible, though - in fact, plenty of people in the Pet Circle office have pulled it off. Thinking of getting a pet? .

Ll likely example tell you that they simply wonapos. Whist all care has been taken in the preparation of this publication the writer and the producers accept no liability for any omission or misguidance. And that any change of pet must be subject of a separate application. Pretend that your pet is going for a job. Tenants must get written consent from the owner of their apartment.

If tenant/flatmate, has Landlord s/Apartment Owner s permission been obtained?Permission is not granted until such time that you have received written consent.Approval only applies for the pet nominated in the approval letter and does.

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First Name, be prepared to negotiate,. Has the Pet been Desexed," when your written acceptance is received you will be approved to keep a pet. We would like to give you some helpful steps to get you started in seeking approval from the Owners Corporation. Pet Application Form, female, microchipped, thesis-antithesis-synthesis this one could be tricky, address street Address City State Province Region. It might come down to the strata also known as orden strata corporations. Landlords may legally ask for a pet bond in order to accept a pet. Ve received, if you have been renting in your current residence for a while and are looking to invite a new furry critter into your life. Temperament, itapos, title MrMrsMsDrOther, lot Number applicant, tell your landlord what type of animal you have. As many renters are already strapped for cash come rent due. That the decision may not come down to your real estate agent or even landlord.

yes, no, have you obtained Owners' approval for the Pet?If they have implemented a strict "no pets" policy, then things might get complicated.

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Pet Details, type of Animal * DogCatOther, size/weight of Animal.