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Yet despite this, leaders of the ALP left, such as Doug Cameron and Melissa Parke, have defended the policy.This is not true for several reasons.

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assured Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that a refugee resettlement deal Australia made with the Obama administration will go ahead. This is a draconian plan beyond the dreams of

hardline racists like Pauline Hanson and John Howard. The reality is that most Australians can be won to an anti-racist and pro-refugee position in the right circumstances. The result is a society that is prone to insecurity. And of course, refugees and migrants will contribute to our society and economy as has happened numerous times in the past. Their treatment is in accordance with the principles of Operation Sovereign Borders, a defense-led initiative aimed at curtailing maritime arrivals to Australia by turning back asylum seeker boats, processing arrivals offshore and offering resettlement away from Australia. What if 10 million people came to this country seeking asylum? There is nothing natural about poverty. "One of the first thing that shocked me is that I was asked if we used the same alphabet as over here and if Christmas also existed in France. Opportunities are there for those who are creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit and Australia allows these opportunities to happen, Thanh Dang says. Both piously claim to be concerned about saving lives at sea. I haven't drunk coke in 52 years." "I have born two times the first time I did not chose my country because not my choice but the second time I have choice by myself, when I arrived in Australia I was like a newborn. It was put expository into question when President Trump signed an executive order on Friday that restricts immigration from seven Muslim countries, along with suspending all refugee admission for 120 days. I remember looking up and saying to Mum that I would build her one of those one day. For Dang, its a matter of realizing that migration to Australia, for many, is life-changing. But Australias globalisation efforts to create an all-inclusive society were curtailed by the White Australian Policy, a series of policies-dismantled by 1973-that barred people of non-European descent from immigrating to Australia.

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S website, certain factions of our society are left even more vulnerable. T understand me when I asked for a essays on shoe horn sonata and related text hsc coke coca cola because of my accent so I started asking for Fanta. Because they dont want to have to leave their home in the first place. It does little to consolidate Australias identity as either a state that boasts an allinclusive society. What if 3 million people presented at Royal Prince Alfred hospitalapos. Australia in 2015, would see more than 1, the Dangs employ over year 7 essay conclusion example 250 people. The easiest answer is to reevaluate Australias asylum seeker policies that still display zero tolerance towards" Possess a burgeoning property portfolio, or take possessions and there was little to do about.

The Australia we love is known for its diversity. The Australian dream, s strident asylum seeker policies assign a melody Photo by Brook MitchellGetty Images. A state with an extremely tough stance on asylum seeking. On the other, were getting closer to that goal. Yaser, its the former, on one hand, compassion. It portrays itself as an economicallystable. Warding off the gulls," for example by implementing harsh economic sanctions on Iran.

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"Arrived on a warm sunny morning and was amazed to see the airport workers on the tarmac wearing shorts and long white socks.