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By looking at the history of different cultures, a History student can build up a better understanding of why certain peoples act the way they.A degree in History endorses independence in young people.

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that leads up to you. In the Jewish community, we pray that another Holocaust will never happen to any group of people every again. For example, one can

understand the importance of the social welfare programs if one looks at the Great Depression and New Deal. They did not understand what a big impact our history can have on us today. By studying at the various tributaries of humanity, a broad cultural awareness is yours for the taking. Knowledge is not just killing handed over at degree level; it requires hard work, and in a subject dominated by reading, students will develop self-sufficiency and become less dependent pupils. How can we being to understand society today without understand what created it? A History degree allows us to learn from the past. I remember that so many kids in high school would complain about history class, but they clearly did not understand all of the important reasons to study history. Recognizing the struggles of the people of the past brings newfound pride and patriotism to the minds of the people.

America is a country of tremendous nationalism and tradition. We need to hear their stories. And they certainly did not understand how learning history can how to write an apology letter to a friend help us shape our future. Understand Society, a study of history allows one to practice writing for different audiences. An old man lying on his deathbed usually tries to remember his life circus writing paper from that of early childhood to the elderly present. Preserves Stories, this one might be the most important. Our past can have a huge impact on our future and we need that inspiration to teach us that. What blood runs in their veins. Help Us Be Better People, what are some reasons you think it is important to study history. Historians also write a great deal.

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But this does not account for the huge amount of modern history which is studied in such depth. From History and Mathematics," history is something that has happened and is factual. History enables us to understand different cultures. By knowing these facts, the range of joint honours available is seemingly endless. This not only provides a skill set for a student but it also keeps career options open. Upon which the nation is founded. Humans have an astounding habit of ignoring the obvious contributing factors which can lead to war and oppression. One can look at past economic and cultural trends and be able to offer reasonable predictions of what will happen next in todayapos. We can also look back on the Civil Rights movement and see why the United States puts so much writers effort into creating binding a system where everyone is equal before the law and has equal access to public amenities. Szasz, one just needs to examine the US flag.

Studying History provides cultural awareness.A History degree is an investment in your future.Knowing that my ancestors came to this country and worked their hardest for a better life, inspires me to work my hardest of provide for my future family.

Why do we need to study history?

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I think it is important to hear what those before us have to say.