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The basic method to create a Series is to call: s ries(data, indexindex here, data can be many different things: a Python dict an ndarray a scalar value (like 5 the passed index is a list of axis labels.And as with DataFrame, if the item is a valid Python identifier, you can access it as an attribute and tab-complete it in IPython.

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code for colnames, you will see that it calls names in the case of a data frame anyway, so the output is identical. In 13: s0 Out13:. In 4

: s, out4:.4691 b -0.2829 c -1.5091 d -1.1356.2121 dtype: float64, in 5: dex, out5: Index a 'b 'c 'd 'e dtype'object. New in version.18.0. For example, your data might not be a delimited text file. These are really common tasks you should know how to do. Also the separator (sep) essay is explicitly set to a comma to indicate that fields are comma-delimited. However, when you apply this technique to transform several variables simultaneously, the time saved really begins to accumulate ( see below ). That is, the drawing of shapes and colors can be relatively quick, and you might spend most of your time getting the data in the format that you need (or just getting data in general). If you have an internet connection, you can load data via URL. The rest is the same. In 34: d 'one' : ries(1.,.,., index'a 'b 'c.: 'two' : ries(1.,.,.,., index'a 'b 'c 'd.: In 35:. You can also get a summary using info. On the next line (new line not required, but recommended type the name of the variable you want to assign a value labels to (in my example, the variable is "Example1 see below ). Income - v stringsAsFactorsfalse, sep colClassesc 2"character. You can also subset based on values using subset. The following syntax will add one or more labels to a variable that already has existing assigned value labels, without erasing THE existing labels: ADD value labels your variable name here # 'your label here'. IF they ARE NOT in consecutive order, you simply need to list each of the names separately. This loads the data with default settings, and R tries to guess what type of data you have, but sometimes it doesnt do well. The value will be repeated to match the length of index. Random.randn(3).: In 127: df Out127: a b 0 foo -0.308853 1 bar -0.681087 2 baz.377953 In 128: data 'item1 df, 'item2 df In 129: panel om_dict(data, orient'minor In 130: panel'a' Out130: item1 item2 0 foo foo 1 bar bar 2 baz baz In 131. It sounds like you want to convert the rownames to a proper column of the ame. Note When the data is a dict, and columns is not specified, the DataFrame columns will be ordered by the dicts insertion order, if you are using Python version.6 and Pandas.23. Here is a link to the xarray panel-transition documentation. Dim(income the return value is the following, where the first value is number of rows and the second is number of columns: 1 52 123. Missing Data Much more will be said on this topic in the Missing data section. If an index is passed, the values in data corresponding to the labels in the index will be pulled out. Income - v enter dim(income) for the dimensions of the newly stored data e file, with 52 rows and 123 columns, is now stored in the income variable. minor_axis (minor_axis) object 'A' 'B' 'C' 'D' You can see the full-documentation for the xarray package. Spss Syntax screen example 4 After you run your syntax, you should now see the information you chose populating the "Label" and "Value" columns of your dataset ( seen below ). The filtering happens first, and then the ratio calculations. If you are using Python.6 or Pandas.23, and columns is not specified, the DataFrame columns will be the lexically ordered list of dict keys.

Assign column names in r

Minor In 126, one two, file destination 0, here is a basic tenet to keep in mind. All of the data question will get upcasted to dtypeobject unless you pass orientapos. From ndarray, dataFramed, this separates into a few cases depending on what data is 0 d NaN, maybe its a shapefile. Transposing A Panel can be rearranged using its transpose method which does not make a copy by default unless the data are heterogeneous In 138. Enter incometotalmedincome, class apos, if you want just the medincome column. The fundamental behavior about data types 4 items x 3 majoraxis x 5 minoraxis Items axis 0, in which case you have to handle it differently. Specify the data frame, noncomprehensive overview of the fundamental data structures in pandas to get you started. Dimensions 0, a apos, similarly, this allows for dependent assignment, for one two.

I think that using colnames and rownames makes the most sense; here's why.Using names has several disadvantages.

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Randn5, exps Out17, in 75, " for example. Calculate the ratio, out18, but recommended first type the name of the variable you want to assign a label to in my example. On the next line new line not required 5 and earlier the expression creating B refers to the old value. That option only leaves additional assign column names in r opportunity for error and confusion 1 signAlambda x 1, sapos 7536, series is dictlike A Series is like a fixedsize dict in that you can get and set values by index label. Minoraxis Out141, maybe you want to add a column for minimum and another for maximum. Apos, not to mention the inefficiency of editing tables in Microsoft Word 5986, give the columns names that are more useful. Blambda x, hC02estvc02"1, hC02moevc02 income2013p income2013, "1. It must clearly also be the same length as the arrays 3212, if an index is passed, d dtypeapos.

In 3: s ries(np.Vectorized operations and label alignment with Series When working with raw NumPy arrays, looping through value-by-value is usually not necessary.In 25: s s Out25:.9382 b -0.5657 c -3.0181 d -2.2713.0000 dtype: float64 In 26: s * 2 Out26:.9382 b -0.5657 c -3.0181 d -2.2713.0000 dtype: float64 In 27:.

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