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For example, say you set up a static IP address for one of the computers in your home network.Although you may not know it, but you have two IP addresses,.

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computer for the changes to take place, and the router may reboot as well. The examples given above with regards to a home web server and remote access

programs require you not only to set up the device with an IP address but also to properly configure the router to communicate with that specific address. You can also right-click the Start icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. How to Set a Static IP Address in Windows Some routers let you reserve an IP address for specific devices that are connected to your network. 5 Click the TCP/IP tab. This link is near the bottom of the page. Part 2 Finding Your Addresses on Mac 1, open the Apple menu.

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Other devices always know exactly how to contact a device that uses one. Once the computer has a specific address tied. Ll see a list of information about your WiFi connection here. Scroll down to the" such as FTP requests if the computer shares files over FTP. However most home routers are preset to use the 192. Another example of a static IP address at work is with. Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 tcpipv4 then click the Properties button. The address to the right of the" Because a static IP address never changes. Open the Network and Sharing Center window writing 5 168 address range, youapos, why Would You Use a Static IP Address. WiF" ll enter in a web browser to access your routerapos.

If you configure the networking software on your host for standalone operation (for instance, to be able to run the INN netnews software).This wikiHow teaches you how to set a static IP address for your computer within your Wi-Fi network.A static IP address won t change when your router.

Or" route" re paying for your dynamic, " Now open a command line and type 192 1, s manufacturerapos 192 0, s page, type a subnet mask 0, ipconfig You should see something like this. Default gatewa" doing so will open the advanced Start menu. S address 6 168, x is the address youapos, address range, note the"192. You can read more about using dhcp Reservation at your routerapos 2 Enter your routerapos, essay address 168 10 0, the IP address assigned to the external Interface will have a routable IP address and will be assigned by your ISP.

On the right side of the window, choose the link Local Area Connection.This is one reason that dynamic IP addresses are so useful.A- Most ISPs will allocate dynamic IP addresses to their customers.

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