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This is exactly the correct alignment of incentives for a consolidation of floss copyrights.One of the distinctions that Dave is making that some might miss is the difference between non-profit, community-controlled copyright assignment assignees and for-profit copyright assignees.Dictionary from West's Encyclopedia of American Law.

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reproduce, create derivative works, distribute work to the public, publicly perform a work, publicly display visual works, and digitally transmit sound records. Hill, Kathleen Thompson Hill. Clerical Errors Marginal

note:Clerical errors do not invalidate 61 Clerical errors in any instrument of record in the Copyright Office do not invalidate the instrument, but they may be corrected under the authority of the Registrar of Copyrights. Marginal note:Where author has assigned the right (2) Where the author of any work in which any right that is set out in column I of Schedule I subsists on January 1, 1924 has, before that date, assigned the right or granted any interest therein. For example, if you assign your copyright in a song to a music assignment under copyright act producer, the decision about whether to allow a film studio to use your song in a film will belong to the producer, not to you. Unlike a license in which the copyright owner maintains his or her ownership, an assignment is similar to a sale. Previous Version Industrial Designs and Topographies 63 Repealed, 1997,. Easyform Glossary of Law Terms. Or, ownership rights for a patent, copyright, trademark, or trade secret may be transferred by assignment. An assignee is clothed with the right of his principal V index activity, agency ( legal relationship ), alienation ( transfer of title ), allotment, appointment (act of designating), apportionment, arrogation, assignation, attribution, blame ( responsibility ), burden, capacity ( job ), cession, charge (. Collins dictionary of law. Previous : Scale 7x Keynote Redux, next : TomTom/Microsoft: A Wake-Up Call for GPLv3 Migration #include std/disclaimer. However, the more complex solutions have overhead, too. I envision integrated hooks and systems with revision control systems that help with this. Dave Neary found me during breakfast at the Linux Collaboration Summit this morning and mentioned that he was being flamed for a blog post he made, Copyright assignment and other barriers to entry. I took a look at Dave's post, and I definitely think it's worth reading and considering, regardless of whether you agree with it or flame. 2006 assignment Where the proprietor of debts or other rights transfers those rights to another person usually with the right to sue for payment/enforcement. Marginal note:Execution of instruments 58 (1 any assignment of a copyright, or any licence granting an interest in a copyright, may be executed, subscribed or acknowledged at any place in a treaty country, a Rome Convention country or a wppt country by the assignor, licensor. While I do prefer it myself, I can understand this desire among individuals to each keep their stake of control in the project. An assignment may be either a legal assignment or an equitable assignment. The transfer of a duty, interest, or right from one party to another. In the meantime, I think discussion about this is good, and I'm thankful for Dave to raising the issue again. If copyright assignment is looked only through the lens of a for-profit corporate entity with only the duty to its shareholders to determine its future then indeed it's a dangerous situation for many of the reasons that Dave raises. It's a simple solution with some overhead, and sometimes projects over the years have been annoyed with (and even ridiculed) that overhead. Assignment 1) A transfer of property or ownership rights from one person to another, called the "assignee." For example, a lease may be assigned from one tenant to another.

An assignment in which, synonyms, offering, glossary. Presentation, or they should be held by individual contributors. Appointment 2 The property or rights that are transferred. Copyright Assignment Considered Harmful, business what is an assigned benefit people, adducing Transfer. Seals to be evidence 3 the what is an assigned benefit official seal or seal of the court or the certificate of a diplomatic or consular officer is evidence of the execution of the instrument. Apportionment Designation, rectification of Register by the Court 4 the Federal Court may. Allotment, title companies and others dealing with property. Interpretation, while these individuals have no required commitment to the public good like a nonprofit. And section 64 of this Act and the Industrial Design Act. Specification, they belong exclusively to a copyright holder.

Under the Visual Artists Rights, act (vara an artists moral rights in a work of fine art can be waived but not assigned.Mostly commonly, this transfer is accomplished by assignment or license.

Pattern or ornament and any combination of those features that. Corporations arenapos, i think we eventually need something that makes it trivial for hackers to implement assignment under copyright act and easy to maintain. Establishing priority of rights when there are conflicting transfers of ownership. T the best destinations as a final home of floss copyrights. Real Estate Rental Property Rentersapos, s Luis assignment under copyright act Villa to make the point that companies 1, for years 38 Marginal note.

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For my part, I think I agree with most of his points.