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to 49 in a unit they may, after consideration of the achievement of all learning outcomes for that unit, initially receive an Interim Fail (NF) grade for that unit.

The LIC will update the result in the Results Entry module in Student Connect within 10 working days of the student completing the supplementary assessment task/s. Administration - Grades link in your LEO unit. Where there is a delay in the release of results a notification should be sent as soon as practicable. Frequently Asked Questions below as you may find the answer you are looking for there. Calls made from public/mobile telephones or from overseas may be charged at a timed rate. The LIC will: Ensure that the students grade has been entered into 'Student Connect' as an NF; Determine if the student is eligible for supplementary assessment by: checking requirements (as in 1a to 1e above) and, checking the report provided by Student Systems (identifying students. The course rules do not preclude Supplementary Assessment; The unit is not a professional experience or community engagement unit; The student has satisfied any compulsory attendance requirements for the unit; The student has passed any applicable hurdle task, as required under the Assessment Policy. Notify the N-LIC (if applicable) of the outcomes. Students must pass all other units of study in that semester (or study period). When offered supplementary assessment, the student must advise the LIC if they will (or will not) accept the offer within three calendar days of the offer. What if a student fails the supplementary assessment? Supplementary assessment will overlap with the deferred examination period, but will not commence until 6 days following letter the release of results for that semester (or study period). You will see basic play/stop controls to listen to the feedback if available. There are three overall types of feedback that may be provided by your tutor, which are all accessible in Turnitin Feedback studio. The rubric section provides an indication as to how well you have performed in terms of each aspect of the assignment requirements. If no final result grade has been assigned to the unit by the end of third week of the following strata semester, or after 60 days in the case of a non-standard study period, it will automatically roll to a Fail (NN). Click the 'View Rubric' button at the top of the Instructor Feedback panel to open an overlaying window that contains the rubric for this assessment. If you require clarification on something specific to the feedback you have been given, please contact your tutor. With the feedback panel active, you can view the three types of feedback. Tutors use these comments to make short observations either on spelling and grammar, or on the themes and structure of your essay. It applies to eligible students for the duration of their course of study. Set new assessment task(s) that are appropriate to each student and that will assess the learning outcomes for which additional evidence is required. Note: See also, policy on Review by the University Visitor of Unresolved Appeals or Complaints by Students. Supplementary assessment can therefore take many forms it will not always be appropriate for it to be a written examination. If a student chooses not to accept the offer of supplementary assessment, or later fails to complete a supplementary assessment that was offered and accepted, the NF grade will be converted to a Fail (NN) grade. They may instead put the grade separately into the LEO Gradebook, which you can access by clicking the. To access your tutor feedback in Feedback Studio, follow these steps. Regardless of the total number of units studied in the semester (or study period). Supplementary assessment is not a re-assessment of the students overall grade, or the mark for an individual assessment item, or a deferred assessment.

Your tutor may or may not provide feedback using all three of these methods. This is both supportive of studentsapos. Eligibility should be other determined based on the results that resume are available.

Related Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Local Protocols.Academic Regulations ; Glossary of Terms; Review by the University Visitor of Appeals.

General Information, and to aid their course progression and completion. What is essay a grade of interim fail NF and when is it awarded. E 1, when will the Supplementary Assessment be essay conducted. Introduction, that student should apply for Special Consideration see Section 3 of the Assessment Procedures. NF and when is it awarded. Once Feedback Studio has opened, or matters associated with termination of enrolment will do so in accordance with the.

A supplementary assessment is an additional and new assessment task or tasks. .Overall feedback is usually a few paragraphs of text under the Text Comment heading, but sometimes your tutor may use the "Voice Comment" feature to record a short piece of feedback as an audio sample.

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If no final result grade has been assigned to the unit by the end of third week of the next semester it will automatically roll to a Fail (NN).