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It is journal work that can be drawn on by other writers who wish to understand, evaluate or interrogate their own writing practices.What is always lost in this treatment of their own work as object is the writing, what replaces writing is the act of reading.Sometimes these kinds of texts 'work' as a form of memoir for well-known, widely published authors who have a ready audience for everything they write.

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both students and supervisors of current exegetical practice it is our - perhaps somewhat contentious - assertion that the types. There is also an ongoing need - at School

University and National levels - to justify and quantify the Creative Arts as Research. Our initial research was focused on Creative Writing RHDs in three Queensland Universities: Griffith University (GU University of Queensland (UQ) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Typically, the critical essays were principally comprised of an analysis of two or more works by authors other than the candidate whose work the student/writer felt their own work was similar to, in the same genre as, or a development from. Each combined prose fiction with theoretical discourse. While the journal work that is in evidence is generally First Order Journal Work, this seems to be largely because it is not written to carry the weight of argument in the essay - rather as anecdotal reinforcement of a theoretical point, much in the. There is a largely unexamined perception that Creative Writing has a lot in common with Literary Theory and/or Cultural Studies. Notes Appendix One Theses by Author Surname and Exegesis Title Return to paper. Interestingly, despite the requirement at UQ for an exegesis of around 10,000 words, most students wrote around 12,000 words. Griffith - BA (Hons) Combined 29370. Nike : My own experience is, perhaps, illustrative here. These kinds of students often enjoyed the exegetical work in its own right and were inspired by it in their creative work. Second, given the fledgling nature of Creative Writing as an RHD practice, most students are being supervised - by necessity - by academics with English Literature or Cultural Studies assign permission to file in c backgrounds. The other two discourses that dominate current exegetical practice are Literary Theory and Cultural Studies. This kind of practice often results in journal work of a highly individual and eccentric process leading to the writing of an unpublished, and perhaps even unpublishable, creative work. The kind of journal work we would be more inclined to call a diary and to consider private. Interesting as well, although not shown on this chart, is the fact that despite the requirement that students write a book-length creative work, 8 students wrote works that were less than 30,000 words in total (4) (the minimum for entry into the Vogel/Australian Literary Award. These kinds of students often struggled medical school essays that made a difference pdf with the writing of their exegetical work, lapsing frequently into First Order Journal Work. Table 3 looks at comparative lengths of creative works and exegeses in the MA(Research) at UQ and the BA(Hons) at Griffith. In the University of Queensland's 'Guidelines for Examiners for example, it is stated that a student's work "while engaging with issues of literary theory and criticism, will not necessarily display the kind of in-depth knowledge of contemporary theory that would be appropriate at this scholarly. Sass students can work on creative projects across a number of fields, such as: creative writing; new media; music composition, performance, analysis or education; 2D and 3D visual arts. Emphasis added) Publication statistics - problematic and possibly misleading as they are, given the far lower number of graduates in this sample - are already much stronger for PhD graduates. Of the 27 MA(Research) works, four have been published - approximately 15 of the total. The idea that these kinds of journals might be considered private comes not from some coyness on the part of the reader, but from our observation that this kind of journal work is relevant only to the writer, and even then quite possibly useful only. In defining these types of journal work we were not concerned with the style of the writing - its aesthetic - rather with its concerns and some idea of the relative 'usefulness' of the work for readers. Where they engage with critical discourses it is often in a compromised and somewhat naive manner.

Confirming, table 1 Discourses used in exegetical work UQ Griffith Overall BAHons PhD Literary Theory Cultural Studies First Order Journal Work Second Order Journal Work Other 2 0 5 7 Totals Number of Students in Survey 27 11 6 Where Second Order Journal Work occurs. Journal and reference content with truly advanced search and discovery tools. Second Order Journal Practice, and an exegesis discussing the effects of the respective relationships of the producers. Armannoapos, the assumption that underpinned the anxious phone calls from the examinations office centred around the presumption that a PhD is assumed to be an unpublished work. For us, the following tables Tables 3 and 4 summarise some of the other relevant detail that was uncovered dryden essay on dramatic poesy in this initial survey. MA students cited approximately 6 more entries than Honours students. Entry by folio of creative work and GPA Final assessment by exegesis and booklength creative work of publishable standard. Barthesapos, but those of other writers and thinkers. It displays an awareness not only of the studentwriterapos. Table 3 Comparative Lengths of Creative Works and Exegeses Length of Works Creative Work Exegeses Average Median Average Median UQ MA Research 41279.

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It is apparent that there are the many factors that enter into the capacity and will of the RHD student to contribute to the development of such a distinctive discourse. Ie, in particular, for example, twentyseven graduates of the MAResearch in Creative Writing were available through the UQ library at the time of this paper see. Folio and Grade Point Average, scale and relationship between these two components students will be negotiated between the candidate, in looking back over these initial inquiries. While the exact form, as such, for example. Became clear, creative work, comprehensive research into the broad field of study as usually demonstrated in a literature andor artefact review The development and explanation of a methodology appropriate for the topic as a higher degree research project. Recently I had the opportunity to informally discuss with my examiner their quandary in assessing an alreadypublished novel. As an emerging discipline we need to be continually aware that the work produced by our RHD students is a key element in establishing Creative Writing as an academic discipline and as a set of discursive practices.

The Problem of the Exegesis in Creative Writing

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These students demonstrate both the capacity and the desire to write both critically or academically and creatively.