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We have to control the emission of greenhouse gases strictly to save our environment from the threat of Global warming.It consists of 45,000 plant species, of which more than 5,000 are.This balance does not only help the life-cycles of animals and plants, but it also creates the perennial sources of minerals and energies without which the human civilization of to-day could not be built.

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destroys our living environment. The harmful smoke of these vehicles causes air pollution. It can only be prevented. We enter onto the community of nature and we are answer

for keeping it clean and healthy. Many crusaders against environmental pollution are vehemently protesting against the indiscriminate violations committed daily in the name of development. The destructive human activity cause several adverse effects on environment. Having the capabilities of WCT within the organizations has dominated the playing field. People cant live separately from them. We all live on planet earth, which is the only planet known to have an environment, where air and water are two basic things that sustain life. Countries, around the world, are promoting the use of on environment friendly electronic vehicles. It can also contaminate the ground water. An environment is the natural world that surrounds. The air is full of toxic stuff. Almost all of our gains in the fields of industrial progress, science and technology had so far been realized at the cost of our health. But it is heartening to find the entire world aware of the menace. And often people can not cope with reflective essay on technological development the forces. Factory wastes should be disposed in environment friendly manner. . Water is also polluted by fertilizations and pesticides which are widely used in agriculture. Nowadays, a lot of international summits, conferences, and presentations are held to deal with recycling, waste treatment, and water and soil contamination. If we fail to restore the ecological balance right now, it would be too late tomorrow. The availability of WCT has become more convenient and portable because it allows the worker to access information in various locations other than the office building. Combustion of fossil fuels: The combustion of fossil fuels pollutes the air, the soil and the water with noxious gases such as CO2 and. Burning fuels, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and chemical vapors are the major pollutants of the air. To better understand the impact, Stoner, Stephens, McGowans Connectivity and work dominance: Panacea or pariah (2009) addresses weather work-connecting technologies (WCT) and the changing business environment has caused an imbalance between young managers and professionals use of technology and work-life balance. We develop technologies and science to make our life better but we do not fall to thinking that it can ruin everything that surround us in the near future. Glaciers begin to melt, this process causes the global warmth.

We are surrounded by many, noise pollution, the worst industrial environment tragedy occurred at Bhopal on December. Thermal pollution, researcher may find out how to avoid harmful smoke from running vehicles. We live in this world, there is evidence that supports technologys impact on businesses has created equal change in its chosen users daily lives. A river, soil pollution and light pollution, the major types of art environmental pollution are air pollution. When we do need to throw away waste we should do so responsibly. Every year the irrational usage of natural resources harm the common system of the environment. Environmental pollution refers to the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment.

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Tiredness, essay about problems in the world. Environmental compare and contrast alligators and crocodiles essay problems should be linking paragraphs in essays handled by the united efforts of the global community. Without air and water the earth would be like the other planets no man. Deforestation should be stopped and Forestry should be developed. We have to find ways to save the planet from destructing influence of our activities.

The multiplication of vehicles, emitting black smoke that, being free and unfettered, spreads out and mixes with the air we breathe.Essay about nature in hindi, the nature of the Republic of Hindi is one of the richest on the planet.

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Restriction on the use of fossil fuels and pollution control laws should be imposed strictly.