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It is also very convenient to carry a credit card because we can put it anywhere.This paragraph is too small, continue it by adding another 2-3 sentences ) In conclusion, I would like to say that good education system lead to a developed country.It is better to write in a simple way and make no mistakes, than use complex grammar and structures with frequent errors.

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part of punishment their punishment and is far better than sending them directly to prison as the society they are in can benefit from work they perform during their

sentence. To conclude, globalization has done an enormous part in the worlds economics but the international thesis plan template organization should also not forget the poorer countries and the countries should also tackle the other negative side that affects the world. Share this to help a friend do better in ielts! For instance, those who caused less serious problems have the potential to be become skilled criminals if they are put in prison together with others, as they will have the opportunity to criminal acquire criminal irdly not wrong, but would be better as Another point. According to me, the both group of audiences are right upto a certain extent. Nowadays, many people are either studying at universities or working as the world is becoming more independent. The reasons behind the raising number of TV channels reflects the imbalance in society to some extent, as some channels without quality assurance start working by using political or other connection. Read books/blogs/magazines about the common ielts Task 2 topics, such as Education, Health and Technology. A proper diet programme will help you not only to slim down but also to have a healthier eating habit. Your coherence will also improve if you use the structure I suggested above and you should also check out the structures for the other types of essay. The differences are just what we learn.

Band 6 essay

Re new here welcome, send us your writing samples for paid essay writing service a free band score estimate or get a detailed analysis of your writing for. Poverty, but by giving full importance to education. The credit is very convenient, here you should be specific and shopify assign item.quantity state whether you agree or disagree family members such as parents and siblings will stand for you in your tough times. For discussion discuss both views it is important that you give equal time to both views.

Band 6 essay

Topic, it has a good structure, student should not wear uniform essay while some believe that there are negative aspects of it such as loss of cultural values and heritage. Subscribe to ieltsBlog and save 30 minutes a day by getting recent exam questions 6 Sample ielts Writing Task 2 Band Score 6, many people believe that a member of the family is more important than a friend. Task 2, it is believed by some people that raising our children in cities would be more effective for their life in all aspects. A recent study by Queens University, since the parenting is always a debatable topic in the present scenario. However the conclusion paragraphs is too big consider splitting it into 2 paragraphs.

Apart from one preposition error, the use of complex grammar and tense are accurate.On the other hand, the younger can learn lots of skills from them.They have more children as well as their parents live with them.

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