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The main programme is currently being offered in German or as part of the bilingual course (German and French in which case the resulting degree will carry the distinction «Bilingual curriculum».What influences the exchange rates and trade flows between nations?

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then covers medieval through to classical, modern and contemporary literature. Students will be introduced to each of these disciplines via core units and expected to undertake detailed study in

at least one discipline, through utilization of elective units. More info Law A Bachelor's degree in law provides students with basic legal knowledge in all key areas of law. Using information and communication tools and techniques to analyse data, prepare oral and written reports, and undertake other professional and educational activities. More info Education / Psychology The unusual feature of this bachelor's degree programme is that it is made up of equal parts of the psychology and educational sciences programmes. More info Special Education If you want to familiarise yourself with special education without making it your main discipline at Bachelor level, this secondary studies programme will enable you to enrich, expand and diversify the knowledge acquired in your main studies programme. More info Rhaeto-Romance The Rhaeto-Romance course is devoted to the varied linguistic forms in the Romansh-speaking area of the canton of Grisons. It further addresses questions of political sociology: what are the social prerequisites of political power? More info Chemistry In this study programme, students deal with the questions of why and how atoms combine to form molecules; they gain basic knowledge of the nature and diversity of chemical bonds and elements and how these are related to the external properties. Bachelor Degree from a Swiss university, from an accredited Swiss university of applied sciences (HES/FH) or from a Swiss university of teacher education (HEP/PH). More info Environmental Sciences The interfaculty field Environmental Sciences offers seven minor study programmes. Empirical) methods and puts students in a position to understand economic problems, to analyse them autonomously and to derive advice for action for companies or politicians. This study programme in Business Communication at the University of Fribourg is unique in its category and offers targeted and highly sought-after academic and professional prospects. Supervisor, jordi torres rosell, neus colomina gabarrella. And how do they develop in a given social environment? More info Eastern European Studies The Bachelor's programme in Eastern European Studies is a multilingual interfaculty, interuniversity programme. The combination of these two types of skills is the first step in preparing for an academic or industrial research career. Assessing building ground, processing raw materials or detecting natural hazards. For this reason, during the first academic year, courses are also held in these subjects. It is to these educational questions that the educational sciences deliver a response.

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These courses are also open to students in Fribourg. More info Communication and Media Research The Bachelor programme in communication and media research teaches essential knowledge about media in modern societies. This study programme is also characterised by the tips close contact with the Institute of Multilingualism and with the Language Centre and profits from an ideal environment due to the multilingualism in Fribourg. More info Sociology DE The Bachelor programme gives students an overall view of sociological theories. An introduction to the theoretical foundations of special education. Study English detective fiction, it is aimed first and foremost at students wishing to teach the elective EducationPsychology in academic upper secondary schools. Do you want to follow a scientific training which answers your questions. Social anthropology is characterised by longterm ethnographical research. Concerning the methodology, develops your critical appraisal of the world and equips you for your future career.

They all have the basic course in common. In which social problems are identified and mac efforts take place to tackle them. Special attention is paid to dialectology and research on language acquisition. It thereby plays a central role in mediation between such corporate departments as marketing. Production and logistics, insights into the daily media business and optimal supervision in small groups.

Students carry out several one-semester projects in which they learn to apply their acquired knowledge successfully in a variety of contexts.The subjects covered over a period of three years are public law, Roman law, criminal law, European and international law, civil law, history of law, code of obligations, business and commercial law, social law and philosophy of law.By studying complex natural phenomena, their interactions and the laws which govern them, students of this subject are able to develop critical discernment, creativity and sound reasoning.

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The programme comprises a communication module and a specialisation module, chosen by the student, in management, economics or information systems.