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In the previous parts, we discussed two main cultures English and Indian.Still most of traditional families want arranged marriages and assessed that those arranged marriages are quite misconceived.

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the movie Bend it like Beckham we saw the conflict between jess and her parents on how they feel and what they want for her, how jess sees the

situation and how it is resolved. Communication style, the Indian culture is oriented toward collectivism and group goals. Vref1 titleBend It Like Beckham Analysis Cultural Studies Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate6 December 2018 locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. This means To get up each day before sunrise, to clean the body, meditate on Gods name and recite the Gurus hymns to clean the mind. Org) As Catholics pray to certain bend it like beckham culture clash essay saints for certain things, the Sikhs do the same with their Gurus. This attitude can be seen in the movie where Jess is bright example of British Asian representative. One of the most driving motions for development through this phase has been the womens movement. 754 Words Jan 23rd, 2012 4 Pages. Jules mother is convinced that playing football diminishes the chances of their daughter in the marriage market. They have no problems with seeing themselves as British. The family plays an important role in teaching and transmitting values and traditions. Again, the parents embody the classic values, the father does, however, a conversion and finally supports the willingness of change of the daughter. Their first language is really English. The cultures continue to clash, but in ways that are increasingly responsive to one another. Jess plays at her tournament and is offered a full scholarship to play football in the states but knows that her parents will not let her go all the way to the states, not before she gets married (Bend It Like Beckham). The last section will discuss the overall reason for Jess not being able to play soccer. Although there are now more and more female players, the womens football is not in the same form and will be hardly recognized.

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Jess mother thinks that sports clothes are improper and would prefer that her daughter learn how to prepare Indian dishes. The Harriers adorably sensitive, she and her British Asian friends show that they bend are creating their own culture from adapting their strong family values and involving their new sides of English culture. After the essay wedding she is offered a fully paid scholarship to play soccer in America. Whenever they feel they need the help or guidance of one of the Gurus. Joe Jonathan RhysMeyers, power Distance score for India is synonymous with high level of inequality of power and wealth within the society.

For some it even results in exclusion from the family structures because they refuse to accept collectivism pressure. The sisters agree not to tell on written one another. This theme is explained with the constant perseverance of Jess. In researching the culture of the Sikhs. I found that they treat these Gurus as Christians would treat saints. They are second generation and want to make their own mark.

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We can see here male culture, but also with some elements of female culture.