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Some say multiculturalism is a failure, while others think the opposite.Many will argue that Canada.

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international students are choosing Canada as a destination for their studies. Multiculturalism benefits, canada, throughout the world, a country has its unique culture. Essay about Multicultural Society. They

felt that this was denying students of the knowledge of the contributions of people of colour, women, and other oppressed groups. This is because they get to retain their ancestry and cultural values while concurrently feeling at home in good connecting words for essays Canada. Yet not all people agree that multiculturalism has had only positive effects on Canada. Some land is rocky and mountainous, while other places are composed of flat, rolling hills. Dib,., Donaldson,., Turcotte,. The Employment equity Act was also created for the purpose of dealing with minorities. Compared to any other Western country citizens, Canadians are more likely to view immigrants as essential to their identity. Deconstructing a Nation: Immigration, Multiculturalism and Racism in '90s Canada. What are the positive aspects and what are the negative aspects of a multicultural society? (Gould 1995: 198) br br Most people, from educators to philosophers, agree that an important first step in succe4ssfully joining multiple cultures is to develop an understanding of each others background. People from around the world migrate to Canada because they are encouraged to maintain their cultural heritage, while being a part of the Canadian culture as well. Retrieved from Socindex with Full Text database. For instance, there are several kinds of food available due to multiculturalism like Chinese food and tacos. Jewish people escaped from Russian and Polish pursuit, Irish settlers attempted to flee from poverty and 500 Jamaicans were brought to the UK in 1948. Canadian culture consists of various cultures from all over the world coexisting together. Some people may want to go back to a golden age, a time when society was more homogeneous and cohesive. All individuals share some feelings of national pride and an evidence of this is the common languages they speak. In 1997, the Department of Canadian Heritage restructured the federal Multicultural Program. This newly acquired vocabulary formed a common bond between the children in their early years, an appropriate time for learning and understanding (Pyszkowski, 1994). Canadian multiculturalism is effective because it overcomes cultural barriers, it introduces intercultural exchange and it also encourages a sense of unity in the country. In the 1950s and 1960s, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants came to the. In a multicultural society, immigrants have obviously played a significant role in shaping the cultural landscape, having brought with them their own beliefs and attitudes that shape their perception of their adopted nation. However, does this mean that multiculturalism in Canada has had a positive effect on society? This policy has its supporters, but also its critics who question the effectiveness of multiculturalism as an official policy to deal with racial and ethnic relations in Canada. Statistics Canada 2001 census reported that there was an increase of 35 of mixed unions from 1991 to 2001 and this number represents.1 of the total unions in Canada. A look at the 1991 Canadian census shows that the population has changed more noticeable in the last ten years than in any other time in the twentieth century, with one out of four Canadians identifying themselves as black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, Metis. Canada has long been called "The Mosaic due to the fact that it is made up of a varied mix of races, cultures and ethnicities. There will always be those who maintain that multiculturalism has taken away a particular national identity, but national identities are never fixed and everyone has their own interpretation of what it means to belong to their nation. Yet no matter how much the policy changed, the effects of this policy are very evident.

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You can find many different races. Other benefits of multiculturalism in canada essay advantages benefits of multiculturalism in canada essay diversity brings are different linguistic skills. As it influences ones beliefs, two years later, because through the exposure of different cultures. As cited in Kymlicka 2008 Canada has more foreignborn members in the parliament than any other country. Crosscultural business expertise, according to Adams 2007, it was passed by Canadas parliament in 1988. Culture is an important part of peoples life. From Asian to Latin, in the UK, soccer originated from Europe. Canada was the very first country in the world to introduce a multicultural policy Satzewich.

All of the above benefits that multiculturalism has had on Canadian society are important, yet the main positive effect that multiculturalism has had on Canada is that.We will write a custom sample essay onMulticulturalism In Canada : The benefits of a multicultural societyspecifically for you.Multiculturalism has long been a debatable topic in Canada since 1971, when the federal government implemented it as an official policy (Sch.

Small events such as doing projects on essay ones native country. The government has made an effort to offer a great range of programs that suit the needs of minorities. And reducing racism 1992, the increased participation is the result of the governments effort of providing a number of programs to ensure equality in the workplace 2008 children of immigrants perform better in schools than children of nonimmigrants.

Political Benefits, members of minority groups have a high participation in the Canadian political process.Essay about The Multicultural Society.The Multicultural Society Today we have multicultural societies all over the world.According to the Public Service Commission (2007, as cited in Dib Turcotte, 2008 the public service had an increase of minority employees from 1 in 1986.6 in 2006.

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Moreover, there are different sports that other cultures brought from their countries.