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Vitol agrees that it shall only utilize such Keystone Pipeline transportation capacity for the benefit of Coffeyville, and that all rights related to the use of such Keystone Pipeline capacity (including but not limited to Keystone Pipeline allocation rights) shall be the sole and exclusive.During such period of suspension, Vitol, at its option and its sole discretion, shall be entitled to (a) deliver the Crude Oil to an alternate location in accordance with instructions received from Coffeyville and demand immediate payment from Coffeyville for such Crude Oil, or (b) sell such.

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such period that the same is void or invalid, it shall be deemed to be deleted from. A Temporary Assignment means a work assignment that the Employer reasonably

expects to continue for a period that does not exceed five years. WTI Differential example has the meaning set forth in Section.1(c). Designated Tanks means, the tanks set forth on Schedule B in Cushing and Duncan, Oklahoma and the pipeline connecting the Designated Tanks to the Delivery Points; provided, however, that Coffeyville may, upon prior written notice to Vitol, amend Schedule B by adding or deleting tanks. This is significantly better than average. Performing Party has the meaning set forth in Section 16.2. Coffeyville hereby authorizes Vitol to file a UCC financing statement with respect to all Crude Oil, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, and all proceeds thereof. In all instances wherein claims are made by a third party against Vitol which will be for the account of Coffeyville, Coffeyville shall have the right to either direct Vitol to take commercially reasonable actions in the handling of such claims or assume the handling. (a) does not assume, in a manner reasonably satisfactory to Vitol, all of Coffeyvilles obligations hereunder, or (b) has an issuer credit rating below BBB- by Standard and Poors Ratings Group or Baa3 by Moodys Investors Service, Inc. Worley (1) Total of 31 patent applications. Title and risk of loss to the Crude Oil shall pass from Vitol to Coffeyville at the Delivery Points, and Coffeyville shall assume custody of Crude Oil as it passes the Delivery Points. If a dispute, claim or controversy should arise hereunder between Vitol and any Counterparty and Vitol is unwilling to contest or litigate such matter, the Parties shall agree to an assignment of Vitols rights and interests as necessary to allow Coffeyville to contest, litigate. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, any crude oil which is transported in whole or in part via railcar or truck shall be considered Gathered Crude for purposes of this Agreement. Keystone Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section.6(d). Plains Midland Volumes has the meaning set forth in the definition of Commencement Date Sale Volumes herein. Follow-up actions: Fed FAO issued (APR-26-2010 Fed Public Notif requested (APR-26-2010 Fed Compliance achieved (APR-26-2012) Monitoring, Routine (idse) - Between OCT-2008 and SEP-2009, Contaminant: tthm. In the case of disclosure covered by Section 21.1(a) and if the disclosing Partys counsel advises that it is permissible to do so, the disclosing Party shall notify the other Party in writing of any proceeding of which it is aware that may result in disclosure. No later than the first (1 st ) day of each month during the Term, Coffeyville shall provide a preliminary nomination, via facsimile to Vitol, of the volume of Crude Oil it desires Vitol to purchase from Counterparties for the following month. Each Party shall, in the performance of its duties under this Agreement, comply in all material respects with all Applicable Laws.

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Gallons, examples of essay writing ielts pop, what is a systematic essay purch surface water Past health violations. By giving a notice to the Defaulting Party. The Performing Party shall provide the Defaulting Party with a statement showing.

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Insolvency, to the extent that Coffeyville believes that any claim should be made by Vitol for the account of Coffeyville against any third party whether a Counterparty. Vitol makes NO warranty OR representation that crude OIL conforms TO THE specifications identified IN vitols contract with coffeeville assignment THE counterparty. Foreignborn population percentage below state coffeeville assignment average. Further, enforceable in accordance with its terms subject to applicable bankruptcy. Libor shall be established on the first day on which a determination of the Base Interest Rate is to be made under this Agreement and shall be adjusted daily based on available libo" Please wait while loading the map.

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Although the Parties intend and expect that the transactions contemplated hereunder constitute purchases and sales of Crude Oil between them, in the event that any transaction contemplated hereunder is reconstrued by any court, bankruptcy trustee or similar authority to constitute a loan from Vitol.