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If a photo caption simply describes the visuals in the photo, its fairly useless.Cite the work as 'author/photographer unknown'.Dont make assumptions about what was going on in the photo, or who the people are.

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crossing. A caption looks like this: Title or, description. Aperture, film speed, f-stop, lens, etc.) 14 When writing the credits, you dont have to use the term credited to

or photo by if the information is presented in a consistent and understandable format. This is essential information for a news publication. Textual References to Figures and Tables up, sample Figures. Umbrella its okay to caption the photo with the name of the person or item without any punctuation. If your photo includes important people, identify who they are. These assumptions could be on the part of the journalist, photographer, or even someone else at the publication where everything is being put together. 2 Avoid making judgemental statements. Bloomberg, New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and Deputy Mayor for Education Denis Wolcott at PS 40 in Brooklyn on Thursday, Sept. Writing photo captions is an essential part of the news photographers job. Okay #10006, method 1 Learning Caption Basics 1, check your facts. But, be careful: other journalists are often wrong. Dont use complicated words if they arent needed. If a lengthy description is required in order captions for pictures in an essay to allow the photo to make sense, thats okay. Collecting caption information, this is the news business and time counts. 15 Captions should intrigue a reader to investigate the story further and look for more information. 17 18 4 Write in a conversational language. A school bus is towed following a collision with a car on the Major Deagan Expressway (I-87) in the Bronx on Friday, Sept. John Smock is a photographer, educator and story experimenter. Nikon D70, 18-70G lens, 1/250s, f/8, ISO 200, EV 0, 48mm focal length. I thought it interesting enough to include them in the extended caption. . What is needed are extended captions to fill in information about the photo to the reader and tie the photos together. You might have a personal opinion about whats in the photo. They often require a more comprehensive caption. 20 5 Include unessential story items in the captions. If multiple, consecutive photos in a story show either the same place or person or event, it is not necessary to keep repeating the details of these items in each caption.

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23 It is okay to assume that someone viewing and reading eait assignment cover sheet one photo have viewed and read tok essays sample the captions of the previous photos since they likely are in a specific order that tells a story. Smock is the director of photography at the cuny Graduate School of Journalism and a freelance photographer based in New York City. quot; gathering caption information during an event is difficult 6, collection, photographers do it in a variety of ways. quot; here is an example of an extended caption using one of my travel photos from a trip I took back in 2005.

Strong captions are often either overlooked or not given signific ant.Here s another example from the same photo essay from Drew.Captioning photos is an important part of journalism.

Names of people who deserve creative credit for the image photographer. Or starts specific and ends more generally. Tabl" or" enhanced something unnaturally, showing a photo without any specific information essay may not be useful to the reader. You might want to start by using a specific formula. It is also okay to use incomplete sentences in a caption. You can also phrase your caption so that is starts general and becomes more specific. Identifications typically go captions from left to right. Removed something, and the associated number in the caption. If unusual photo techniques are used.

Some publications even provide small headlines.7 5, be as specific as possible.Either method ensures specificity, but creates easy-to-ready statements.

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When a reader looks at the photo theyre usually confronted with some form of emotion and some information (based on what they see in the photo).