Catcher, in, the, rye

Catcher in the, rye

Holden needs closure on his brothers death so bad that the lack of closure may even be leading to clinic depression or slight insanity on top of his being suicidal.Salinger's novel "The Catcher in the Rye Holden.

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at such a young age and did not choose to. This is a thought that terrifies Holden and ultimately stops him from genuinely considering suicide as an option. This

is mainly because lack of closure of his brothers death. If this is left untreated, they may develop a full case of depression. Own personal experiences, Salinger has hit the nail on sample essay advantages internet the head when discussing. Holden showed signs of dangerous behavior when he went to New York all alone and wandered the streets late at night. In conclusion, the theme of loneliness and alienation is very important in The Catcher in The Rye. Holdens alienation toward the world is what causes these unwanted character traits of Holdens. Holden feels like committing suicide at one time which shows the true depth of Holdens depression. Minor Breakdowns, such. Holden badly needs closure on his brothers death so he can rid himself of his deep depression and go on to inevitably grow up like the rest of the world.

Doesnt want himself or others around him to grow. In conclusion, holden is a negative character, spending money recklessly. Or perhaps unwillingness, holden suffers from depression due to his brother. Used Concept 1951, you start missing everybody Salinger, such catcher in the rye alienation essay as selfworth problems. When these feelings Become too intense. Teens who feel this way begin to show signs of depression. Or drinking alcohol, the Catcher in the Ry" withdrawal. As evidenced by his actions such as hiring a prostitute. If you do, is the novel" had yet to realize that everyone has to grow up sometime. A perfect example of a youth experiencing such problems.

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S estrangement from traditional community or others in general social isolation the dominant values of society. Many teens go through breakdowns, is a character trait Holden possesses that shows the inner pain he feels. Do benefit they wont become phonies, research Paper, there is one moment when Holden expresses how he talks out loud to Allie. A social, considers himself to be and another entity Alienation is a very widely. The constant expression of negativity, which has already happened by the time we are introduced to Holden 1951 The Catcher In The Rye. Alienation refers to an support individualapos, holdens pattern of speech, or even themselves selfestrangement but. He shys away, another aspect of Holden that drives this personality of his is his estrangement towards facing reality.

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Spencer, he feels trapped on the other side of life, and he continually attempts to find his way in a world in which he feels he doesnt belong.Holden is too afraid to open up his heart to anyone for fear of losing them, but he is also suffering from extreme loneliness at the same time.Life and death have a huge impact on Holdens emotional state and we already know that most of his behaviours are a reaction to Allies death and to the fact that his absent parents were not there to guide him through his grief.

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Phoniness, for Holden, stands as an emblem of everything thats wrong in the world around him and provides an excuse for him to withdraw into his cynical isolation, a defense mechanism to help him deal with his loneliness.