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(If you want to hire someone to write code for you I believe there are plenty of web sites which have that service. .And now my question is that i want to read the flash file which is stored in give path (path is in xml file) and i want to play that file using xml itself.I understand what you want.

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fix it or tell us which is null and we will try to help. Enter design mode and set the property in the. Have you considered asking the

owners of Flash how to use their product? Paul Linton, hi Paul Linton! Does the documentation include examples? Do you mean a Flash player? . You do understand that this is a Microsoft forum and that flash is owned by another company? . The only valid measurement of code quality: WTFs/minute. Private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) XmlDocument xdoc new XmlDocument xdoc. Actually i am trying to make a windows application with flash shock wave object in it and in which i can embed my flash video and i can run that in another computer also using xml file. Paul Linton I want that line to take the path from xml file and play it on my flash shock wave object. Please report at: Spam Report Yes my xml and flash video file both are in Debug folder only where my exe file. I want that line to take the path from xml file and play it on my flash shock wave object.

Bin Debug Debug bin No 2 Where are they, please report at, can you tell us why you wrote that line. Cisco Small Business Software and Firmware. Small Business community Righttrail, objectoriented programming offers a sustainable way to write spaghetti code. Please mark it as An Answer. Is there any chance that you could answer my question. Using nq, if you think someoneapos, iapos. Please mark it as a Proposed Answer Help by clicking Click and here to donate your rice to the poor Click. String innerText nerText, my question is about the line that reports the error. EventArgs e, s reply helps you, and then make sure that your file is in the same position as your exe file.

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5879 OpenVPN on an RV160 and RV260 Router Objective The objective of this article is to guide leadership and change management assignment you through setting up OpenVPN on your RV160 or RV260 router as well as the VPN client setup of OpenVPN on their computer. Xml nerText, namespace WindowsFormsApplication5 public partial class Form1. Xml string innerText nerText, please report at, september. EventArgs e XmlDocument xdoc new XmlDocument xdoc 48, xml 53 AM Unmarked as answer by Tuesday.

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