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To install ActiveX follow the prompts on screen and the step-by-step instructions in the folder.For the Java plug-in.

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the sample for you using the criteria below entries: all candidates entries: 15 candidates entries: 20 candidates Over 200 entries: 10 per cent of candidates The list of

candidates whose work you need to send will be in the My Messages section. Check that is listed. Administrative forms to include with your submission Please submit the work of all your candidates together with the administrative forms listed below. Deadlines The deadlines for submitting work are as follows: March exam series: 27 February June exam series: 30 April November exam series: 31 October. Please see the chart on page 9 with details of upload/download times. Do not install the wizard until you have read the following information. At the front of each investigation the candidate must include the following information: the subject of the area of study their Centre name and number their candidate name and number. Handbrake will start scanning your file. Once you have submitted the work our examiners and moderators log into the Cambridge Secure Exchange, download the work and start marking or moderating. Alternatively, find the files, zip files or folders you want to upload and drag them into the Upload Wizard as indicated below. The download prompt JavaSetup8u45.exe will appear in the bottom left hand side of the screen. If you are uploading a 1GB file at a speed of 1Mb/s it will take approximately 17 minutes; the table below gives you an idea of the time it takes to upload different file sizes at different upload speeds. A pop-up may appear and ask you to install an add-on. Enter a file name and click Save.

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Wmv Folder, once you have selected Uploaddownload wizard installation instructions. Select Universal from the Preset list. Coursework Assessment Summary Form casf Individual Research Form 045701CWS and Group Project Form 045702CWS Show the marks for all candidates in the Centre. The download prompt will appear in the bottom left hand side of cambridge the screen. To set up moveit as a trusted site. If you do not have any login details contact our Customer Services team cambridge at The flow diagram below gives an overview of the process for submitting work.

I have just started Year 13 and have to the short course version of the.Pre, u Certificate in Modern Foreign Languages For use from 2008.The example below is for the, cambridge.

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Firefox use the Java plugin, you must use Handbrake how to support an argument in an essay to reduce file sizes before uploading them to the Cambridge Secure Exchange. You select the sample according to the criteria below 20 candidates Over 200 entries 10 candidates entries 10 per cent of candidates Candidates should be spread evenly across the mark range 1 10 entries, cambridge, the information in this section applies. UK Centres Component numbers 045702 How do I submit the samples. Igcse is the registered trademark of Cambridge International what is an assigned benefit Examinations Cambridge International Examinations. F 4 Reducing file sizes using Handbrake. Each zip folder must not exceed 2GB 4 Submitting Cambridge Global Perspectives work 7 Reducing file sizes using Handbrake The maximum file size for a single multimedia video file is 500MB. For all files that exceed 500MB. CB1 2EU, february, if you do this we will ask you to resubmit the work.

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The quality of the video files does not need to exceed 720p (1280 x 720 or 16:9 aspect ratio).Each individual candidate s evaluation of the project outcomes and their own contribution and learning.The larger the file size the longer it will take you to upload the work.

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Submitting Cambridge Global Perspectives work 1 4 Cambridge igcse Global Perspectives (0457) The information in this section applies to Cambridge igcse Global Perspectives (0457) component 01 and component.