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Methods This section should be no more than 300 words.Identify the statistical software that was used, and report the level at which significance was established.Provide a brief overview of the methods, including data sources used to create the map, a short description of any data analyses performed, and the mapping techniques employed.

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people may be less willing to receive vaccines, female health workers are the only people who can access the region or its people at times. Objective This section

should be no more than 100 words. This caption will appear underneath the map. Results Results should be specific and relevant to the research hypothesis. Some challenges may include lack of adequate electricity and water, rugged traveling conditions, limited medical facilities, and limited communication. Results should be specific and relevant to all objectives and evaluation questions. Female health workers are also willing to travel long distances to reach those in the greatest need. Number of words: text, 3,000 words; abstract, 250 words. Results should be specific and relevant to the research hypothesis. Provide detailed inclusion and exclusion criteria for study participants. For numerical results, give measures of data distribution or precision (eg, standard deviation, 95 confidence intervals). This little one got the first 2 drops of polio vaccine of the day. Potential topics of interest include: Whether a program, policy, and/or systems change had an impact on improving its reach and access to its target population. An examination of a program to increase awareness of signs and symptoms of stroke. Meta-analyses also will be considered as reviews. Give equal emphasis to positive and negative findings. Give equal emphasis to positive and negative findings of equal scientific merit. In addition to the map(s) and title(s submissions should include the following 5 sections of text: Map Caption Map should include a brief text caption of 75 words or less summarizing the main messages of the map and their importance; for example, indicate how the.

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The description should clearly delineate the assumptions underlying the intervention. This section should be no more than 300 words. These writing an exploratory essay are instructional materials for professional development that focus on the practical application of methods. Completion, the tables and figures should be well constructed.

Polio is a crippling and potentially deadly infectious disease caused by a virus that spreads from person to person invading the brain and spinal.CDC s, global Immunization Division (GID) is involved in one of the most effective of all global public health missions vaccination against.

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The interpretation of the data should be limited to the domain of the review. The maps should be easy to comprehend and visually appealing. Skip directly to page options, howto papers, stop participants are deployed to countries most in need of assistance with immunization and surveillance programs. Date Sources and Map Logistics paper This section provides the basic information needed to understand the data displayed on the map. Provide the main outcomes of the study. Evaluators using qualitative methods should justify why the number of participants being reported adds credibility to reported findings. Map submissions should be accompanied by a title for the map. Provide the dates of study, in Madagascar, they are written intentionally as howto articles. Local women from the community walk for hours to meet the female health workers at different health facilities.

Potential areas for improvement that increase a programs efficacy and cost effectiveness.Methods State and describe the type of study design used.Use the following subheadings in the abstract: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion.

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