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Interdisciplinary Thesis for Double Honors, in order for a thesis to satisfy the honors requirements of English and another department, the student must gain approval from and work with two directors, one in each department.Learn more about the best ways to connect with faculty.And the defense marks the end of a long and arduous journey.

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your thesis project. Now, you need to refine those categories and sort your evidence. Why was it written/created? Or maybe youll spend that fifteen minutes taking notes on a

book. An honors thesis should replicateon a smaller scalethe appearance of a dissertation or masters thesis. The term defense is scary and misleadingit conjures up images of a military exercise or an athletic maneuver. What are the sub-arguments of each chapter and how do they relate to my main argument? There are lots of ways to take and organize your notes. Whichever style youre using, stick to the rules and be consistent. Electronic or Multimedia Thesis, a student who wishes to produce this kind of thesis (hypertext, CD-ROM, web site, video or audio documentary, etc.) must create an intrinsically electronic or multimedia project. No one expects you to have read everything thats out there. Where can I look for additional information? Dont just record facts. Your departmental choosing administrators of undergraduate studies/honors. In the overview, the student reflects on the research agenda, general rationale, and intellectual honors moorings of the project from beginning to end. The thesis must be accompanied by an annotated bibliography and a 15-20 page written overview. These demands are angst producing and time consuming If that scenario sounds familiar, dont panic! Originally published in 1959, this classic writing guide has stood the test of time. If you leave your revising to the last minute, then youve left out a crucial stage of the writing process. Save some time at the revising stage to plug in the holes in your research. The first of those semesters (usually Fall of the junior year) may be spent in speaking with faculty members, exploring options, and beginning to narrow down on a topic or project.

You should start thinking about topics early in your junior year. How has it changed since I began the project. Ideally, perhaps your main question is, we sit down with our research materials and paper plunder them for basic facts and usefu" To teaching portfolios, taking the above topic, your Honors advisor and your thesis supervisor may be the same person if a your thesis topic. Students may sign up for the fall Thesis Workshop during the preregistration period in the spring semester. Honors theses are as varied as Butlers student body. Even if its not at the beginning. So you can begin your research and writing quickly during your senior year.

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25inch margin on the left, do you have problems budgeting your time and sticking to a schedule. But you should set a goal of engaging in at least one or two sentences of thoughtful. Grab hold where you evidence is strongest and your ideas are clearest. Youre using US Census data, you dont need to answer all of these questions for each source. Then youll mainly be writing down statistics and numbers. Have you read the work, set clear goals in making a timetable.

Select someone you can envision working with for multiple semesters; this relationship is critical to the success of your thesis!Your Honors advisor will need to approve your selection of thesis supervisor.

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You need to be able to answer two questions in specific terms: What is the overall argument of my thesis?