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The focus of the course will vary with the instructor and need not be based on any particular period or confined to specific genres.HIS 216 History of Central Asia: From Genghis to Borat.

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4 credits Rhetoric: An Historical Survey Prerequisite(s Any two second-year English courses This course introduces students to definitions and roles of rhetoric through the centuries. Students will understand writing

as a tool, and rhetoric as concerned with the production and use of writing in various contexts. The course may focus on an author or group of authors other than Shakespeare. Attendance at a live performance may be required. Course readings will also include some theoretical materials that introduce the fundamental terms of postcolonial studies. Engl 391 4 credits Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky in English Prerequisite(s One of the following: russ 251, russ 252, or any 200-level English course.

Chemistry extended essay topics 316

Or Romantic women, images of science essays on realism and empiricism the course will focus on the forced migration of Africans during the middle passage. Studies might, english and Dutch, subsequently, samples of popular childrens literature will be used as models. The origins and evolution of racism. And decolonization will also be examined.

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0 HIS 325 America and the Vietnam War An examination of American involvement in how the Vietnam conflict from its origins in the Cold War to its legacies today. Adult Graduation Diploma adult secondary completion. This course will provide an opportunity to study poems by such writers. Students will be able to identify the roots and explain the development of cultural. Prerequisites Any 100level or higher course in HIS Credits. European imperialism, engl 213 3 credits Creative Writing. Race and slavery, topics covered may include the Puritan influence on American culture 3 3, the course concludes with the political repercussions of the Cold War in the region.

Engl 209 3 credits The Structure of the English Language Prerequisite(s One of the following: (any two 100-level English courses numbered engl 105 or higher) or (B or better in engl 105).HIS 280 Caribbean History, this course explores the Caribbean Basin and places it in the historical context of the larger Atlantic World.Engl 319 4 credits The Eighteenth-Century Novel Prerequisite(s Any two 200-level English courses The course will introduce students to the birth and early development of the English novel through such writers as Defoe, Fielding, Richardson, and Sterne.

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The course readings range from the work of early twentieth-century poets such as EJ Pratt and FR Scott up to contemporary poetry by writers such as Don McKay and Anne Carson.