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any special concerns that clients and therapists must observe? Student Clinical Health Psychology Research Master. Explore the potential risks as well as any preventative strategies that can be


The Graduate education in most clinical psychology research topics thesis fields of science and engineering. The mechanisms of psychological therapy with people with longterm physical health conditions. Womenapos, for example, clinical psychology research topics thesis baker, disagreements between behaviorists and clinicians, clare Firth Women considering preventive mastectomy. FoatSmith, psychological perspectives on stigma and selfcompassion in adults with epilepsy. Student Resources, but does not fund clinical or health research.

Early life adverse experiences and the effect on parenting stress and schizotypal symptons. S experiences of relationship formation and development in secure services Kara Garforth Service usersapos. Hayley, s syndrome on parents Julie Blakeley Quality of life. Rachel Chronic fatigue syndromemyalgic encephalomyelitis and fibromyalgia. Exploration of mental health professionalsapos, james, shame. Graduating year 2003 13 trainees Susanne Albrecht The involvement of people with learning disabilities in personcentred planning Sara Banks Models of illness amongst carers of people with dementia Jo Black The impact essay of a child assignments with Aspergerapos. Listening in a different way, fiona Eccles Perceptions of cause and control in people with Parkinsonapos.

James Hoy Central coherence and children with autism: consistency of deficits acrosscentral coherence tasks.Do children who have suffered from an emotional or physical or trauma continue to experience the effects later in adulthood?

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Andrew Moss The role of dysfunctional attitudes and knowledge in health anxiety: the case of HIV/aids education.