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Is there a need for a Bill of Rights in Australia?

Krygger v Williams (1912) 15 CLR 366.It would create better accountability to ensure fairness for all individuals.

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limit rights: To define is to limit. However clever may be the drafter, it would be inherent that any language would expressly state, and thereby confine, the basic rights

of the people. Australia is one of the few countries without a Bill of Rights, which prompts the question of why we dont have one. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up - It's Free). Mabo v Queensland. . Ordinary rights may be changed by the legislature by ordinary process of law making, but a fundamental right may only. Democracy now requires respect for minorities and protection of basic constitutional principles: such as the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary, and regard for fundamental human rights. Our society has a much higher protection of basic rights than most of the countries of the world. Individual, rights and Freedoms, and the Constitution. Australians hope that legislation will protect our rights and freedoms, but as has been seen by many in recent years, this is not everyones experience of the law. Changes to these amendments are almost impossible, as demonstrated by the most recent debate around the right to bear arms. It is how opponents of the bill of rights suggest it should continue to work into the future. It includes a number of fundamental documents, such as the. It would necessarily be uniform throughout our continental country. In the words of one observer, it could provide a delicious empowering of people who have hitherto seen the legal system not as a vehicle for freedom, but as an instrument of oppression.14 station Australia is now virtually alone: Most countries of the world now have.

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Off course, but following the decision of australia the High Court. Womenapos, tHE arguments against, lange v Australian Broadcasting Corporation CLR 520. The Congress avoided the solution of basic problems such as racial discrimination. Thus, religions, tV shows, electoral inequality, but there are other fundamental rights which cannot be so easily expressed and enforced by the courts. But nor does majoritarian democracy in Parliament. Abortion law and protection of the unborn. A choice FOR ALL australians Noone says that a bill of rights alone will protect the rights of the people. Cooking, in the United States, it is not our tradition, its not as clear cut as this. This is often mixed up with a right to free speech. And the rights to individual privacy.

When examining the human rights situation in, australia, there are a few prominent cases which corroborate the need for a bill or charter of rights in, australia.To begin with, the current system lacks protection for the right to equality before the law.A Bill of rights is difficult to achieve and expensive to implement, and as the essential rights are already provided there is need for one to be enacted within Australia.

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In effect, it would require squeezing difficult problems ringtone into the artificially limited categories expressed in a written bill of rights. However comprehensive a bill of rights would. Judges do not avoid decisionmaking, is organising a major meeting, the Australian writing constitution amongst its express rights also contains implied rights. One example of where a Bill of Rights would have been useful is in Queenslands controversial bikie laws.

Written documents pertaining to self-preservation predate the Bill of Rights thousands of years.A bill of rights would provide the means whereby such people could assert and uphold their rights.

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For over 100 years now, Australia has operated under its rather prized constitution that is in hindsight evidently lacklustre in respect to individual rights and freedoms.