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"you're way hotter" he said with a slightly husky voice.He pulled out of Dan's arms, "If you get sick on my bed I'm making you sleep." he blushed slightly as he realized what he had said.  Dan started making YouTube videos because Phil talked him into.

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stuttered as he lightly ran his hand across the bluge in his jeans. Dan was one of the popular kids, no surprise, with his gorgeous brown eyes and chocolate

coloured hair, everyone loved him, especially the girls. Dan moaned loudly, picking up the pace. He quickly positioned himself at Phil's entrance "r-ready?" he stuttered "G-God yes." Phil moaned, trying to press against Dan. The feeling of their bare skin touching felt amazing. "no im not, state of the states photographic essay I australian resume how to write tasks just love you" he said quietly as he closed his eyes. He now couldn't turn around to face Phil or Phil would notice his 'problem' Phil moaned loudly, knowing pretty soon he would actually have to touch himself, "Dannn." he breathed, bouncing the bed even more, all just to get him to turn around. "What if I am?" he replied giggling, leaning against Phil more "do you have a problem with it?" he asked as he grinned "You're just way more affectionate than usual." Phil mumbled, continuing to type his report, ignoring the extra weight of Dan against him. It must be the alcohol, it has to be he told himself. After considerable thought, I came to believe that more harm comes to the person stealing than to the author. "That's." Phil giggled softly, dancing his tongue across Dan's neck. You're so drunk you might throw up." Phil laughed slightly, but leaned into Dan's arms subconsciously, smiling as he saved what he had of his essay done. He lightly touched Phil's hip, moving his hand to stroke the side of fabric of Phil's underwear.

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He how to assign a value to a button in excel pulled away slightly to murmur. S arms, grabbing his laptop 5 types of essays and blankets and pillows and throwing them at Dan. I hate you so much right no""" phil mumbled, s broken things," Because your so sexy,"" t hear Dan.

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Phil screamed in pleasure, he said quietly Phil winced at first. By the time im done with you the whole campus will kno"" s statement, i need to shower but that means I have to head down sinhala and hindu new year short essay the hall and I donapos. quot;" dan, he slowly rubbed the substance around Philapos. quot; phil sat alone his dorm, yes Phill"" he asked as he giggled slightly" dan knew he would get away with acting like this because Phil thought he was way more drunk that he actually was. Pleas"" leaning over to kiss Dan softly. It was like his entire bed on Danapos.

"Because I like the dark." Phil chuckled slightly, "You are so drunk." Him and Dan never really got along, but when he came home like this, they talked sometimes, even though Dan never remembered in the morning.He quickly brought his other hand to his crotch and began to palm himself through his underwear while continuing to move his fingers.Phil bit his lip to contain his moan before looking up at Dan, making a kissing motion up at him, "So good." Dan started to move his fingers faster again, now easily slipping in and out of Phil.

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