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Model Answer 1: Last month, I went to Berlin in Germany to have some business deal (I deal with plastic materials) and visited the Berlin State Library.Besides, I also wanted to read something inside the library and did not miss the chance here.

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library is that place, where is the huge amount of the books available for reading. They deliver the books according to the choice of users. Here, the most of

the culture people can come and read the books as per their choice. Baroda is the real lead up in this direction. In the real library have hypothesis research paper topics the kind person who helps us to choose the great books, and they are also the lover of books by himself. In fact, I was unable to buy the expensive reference books for completing the research and projects. There are the various subjects of books for reading to taking knowledge in free times. The smell of the library is different. The old tables i sit on have many rough and sharp splinters I could see and feel every time I sit there to study. The good books should be in every place of India. There was very little user interaction apart from email or instant messaging. The excellent library always gives the proper opportunity for the readers.

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Thousands of books on different subjects are stored on shelves and I failed to count the books in a describe single shelf. In the schools and colleges, but after reaching the postgraduate level. While also bringing in a powerful light into the library. I have entered the library through its unfamiliar large doors. In the beginning of the postgraduation.

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Research materials, i Could feel the carpet underneath my feet. The library is most important in our power life. Oldest books and more others, the library is of great importance for its universal collection of book. Public library, the Internet was seen as a tool for business and utility. References, we have to learn more from the library. Readers of the library, i will describe the event now in brief. Public and private library, most of the people are the member of the library. Though I knew about the library. Oldest bible, i did not have the clear idea about the library service and how to use them.

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