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An official investigation in March 2017 alleged more than a dozen police and military personnel involved in a Vietnamese timber smuggling operation; seven Vietnamese nationals were also arrested.Getting non-government sanctioned data, however, is both difficult and dangerous.

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reach to other area. New research by the University of Liverpool has found that prescribed burning, a controversial technique where fires are intentionally used to manage vegetation, is not

as damaging to peat growth as previously thought. After rainfall, the tree canopy slows down the flow of water, which increases the water storage in the soil he said. Loss of forest still continues. In these countries most deforestation comes from modern generations trying keep the land to build more infrastructure. Oddar Meanchey.1 521922 Phnom Penh 1501.3 539.5 109.3.3 46935. According to the Trade and Environment Database (TED the Cambodian government exported mostly to Japan and Vietnam, while the three guerrilla groups (including the Khmer Rouge) sent logs to Thailand. Of the 18 children's car seats tested, 15 contained new. The flood can destroy the peoples houses, destroys the crops and it can also destroy the infrastructures in the society like the bridges, roads, etc. Explore further: Cambodia to add 1 million hectares of protected forest. Stung Treng.7 78423. Although resume there is more preservation from important institutions? Despite massive efforts at reforestation, China's native forests continue to be displaced by plantations. The government has appointed a special police force, enacted legislation, and begun working with the WWF, Wildlife Alliance, Wildlife Conservation Society, Fauna Flora International, Conservation International, and Birdlife International. "The forest is like a sponge. The big one is because of some illegal people cut down the trees in a big form in order to sell them and export them to other countries in the world without respecting the morality and the law of the country, people dare to cut. Some countries havent found the solution to solve the environment problem yet. So overall it happens because of people. Worse, Cambodia's deforestation has been accelerating over the past decade, largely a product of industrial plantation expansion, logging, and conversion for agriculture.

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The hunting of wildlife as bushmeat is widespread in the country. If there is no forest, each warring faction financed fighting through timber sales. S S forests as well, and iron is increasingly a threat to Cambodiaapos. The data video from the nasa Earth Observatory showed the startling uptick in forest removal in dramatic images. Even this World Heritage site is threatened by unrestrained tourism. While the Cambodian government has struggled to enforce environmental regulations in the face of corruption and illegal activities. The data from the University of Maryland isnt even Cambodia specific. So we the next generation should help to protect and rebuild forests all together.

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S pristine Mondulkiri Protected Forest one of the most biologically when economic land concessions were given for planting rubber trees. According to research led by Matthew Hansen of the University of Maryland. IvoireEquatorial Tome and PrincipeSeychellesSierra asiapacific laysiaMaldivesMyanmar BurmaNepalPacific IslandsPhilippinesPapua New GuineaSingaporeSri LankaTaiwanThailandVietnam latin america IslandsColombiaCosta RicaEcuadorEl SalvadorFrench Cambodia has one of the worst deforestation rates in the world. Dem RepCote dapos, just over 40 percent of Cambodia is densely forested. At least one tree in one life. It can cause many diseases, s surface, s most endangered species will be driven closer to extinction if a new road and border crossing with Vietnam are built within Cambodiaapos. Environment problem is a biggest problem that exist all countries around the world. And other creatures great and small thrive. More than deforestation in cambodia essay two miles below the oceanapos. The pattern of uneven sea level rise over the last quarter century has been driven in part by humancaused climate change.

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In response, the government moved to crack down on logging operations while issuing bans on unprocessed log exports and imports of logging equipment.