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By allowing the majority to govern, the problem of deciding which of various minorities is really superior is avoided.A substantial new majority of states nowpractice a reasonably credible version of electoral democracy 7 and a variety of international instruments underlining this right, including the Charter of theOrganization of American States 8 and the European Convention on HumanRights.

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their importance to democracy, and Ghandi gave a useful definition of democracy when he said, My notion of democracy is that under it the weakest should have the. Meaning

of Democracy: advertisements: The term democracy is derived from the Greek words, demos and kratos, the former meaning the people and the latter power. Jacksonians may have proudly promoted themselves as the defenders of liberty and of the constitution but their actions say otherwise. The original direct system of democracy from ancient Athens was possible down to the fact that the scale, in comparison to the present day, was far smaller. Therefore, democracy does not democracy definition essay mean participation by all the people. Jacksonian democrats may have viewed themselves as the defenders of individual liberty, but their actions against the native Americans, women, and immigrants suggests otherwise. But the mere consent of the people is not enough to make a government democratic. Jackson, like many of his politicians were well known to have a strong dislike for the native residents, he ignored many of their rights. Indeed, as Arblaster tells us, democracy is still an unfinished business on the agenda of modern politics. The word democracy originally came from the Greek demos and kratos, meaning that the people (demos) rule. It is, indeed, rare for a majority to impose its will harshly on minorities. Democracy is premised on the recognition and protection of peoples right to have a say in all decision making processes which is itself based on the central principle of equality of all human beings. When socialism is fully established, the State withers away and gives place to a Communist society. The important test is not whether a major portion of the adult population accepts or approves a government or its policies, but the manner in which this consent is secured (lewis, 1940) Hence it is important that elected representatives at a national and local level. Is democracy a commodity that one can either have or not have? However, without responsible government or constitutional protections of individual liberties from democratic power it is possible for dissenting individuals to be oppressed by the tyranny of the majority. Democracy is, therefore, difficult to define and Freeman correctly says that it is commonly very hard to make out what modem writers mean by democracy.

Lewis believes Consent democracy is an essential element of democratic theory. quot; online version available from democracy p, published. The Right to Political Participation in International Law in Fox and Rotheds. Ibid, and they have equal access to power.

Why has it become the cornerstone of modern civilization?In a definition essay, you explain the meaning of a certain term by giving a detailed description of it, and support.Essay, Research Paper defining democracy Democracy is defined as rule by the people.

In the words of President Abraham Lincoln. Says Wolf is a society of free. On route thousands jumpstart essay writing activities of them died on route in an event that became known as the Trail of Tears. Each of which claims to be superior to and profoundly wiser to the other. Some political thinkers, democracy is by no means a perfect system of government but many of its defining elements explored in this essay are vital. In essence, to be a government of the people. Which is the lifeblood of democracy. Majority rule, birth, sovereignty of the people, and for the people.

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