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But you should divide the essay into these 3 logical sections.To support growing population countries needed more people, they started promoting Baby Boomers.

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in India and illiteracy. Carry forward a point from the last paragraph and then take it forward. Paragraph are generally facts based rather than interactive or story based. Help

them to understand the topics and its important. Total literacy rate was recorded.38 in 2001. Jungles are cut down to make buildings, roads. You dont need to be positive all the time for conclusion, it can be a mix of both emotions. They believe that God Himself is responsible for providing livelihood to all the living creatures. In real life, you just cant survive with mugged up answers, isnt it? Rather than reciting the complete script, note down only important bullet points and speak from your heart. Valuable foreign exchange spent on the import of these things can be spent more profitably on the import of machinery and other essay on population explosion goods needed for developmental activities. Benefits/Advantages of Growing Population Though the rapidly growing population has become a serious issue for India, it can be converted into a good opportunity too. Reasons/Causes of Rapid Population Growth in India. All this is, in fact, increases with the addition of approximately 17 million people each year. Rapid population growth poses a serious threat to the economics of poor and developing countries like Pakistan. The population explosion can be effectively checked only when the people are inclined towards smaller families. For this, we have to improve the literacy rate, female education and the socio-economic status of the families as population growth is directly linked to these factors. The progress in controlling and containing population has been very slow when compared with the progress of China whose fertility rate has been reduced.5 from.82. Around 1977, the population was 668 million, and in the 1981 census it crossed the 680 million levels. Asia accounts for 60 of the total worlds population, while India alone contributes about.

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The fact that Kerala could make a lot of progress in checking population growth testifies to the impact of literacy on population explosion. They do not know that God has made man independent and fully responsible for what he does. On top of it, introduction, next to the Peoples Republic of china. With the world population estimated to reach 7 billion by the beginning of the 21st century. Electricity, a big number of immigrants, image Source, humans are the social animals. The mushrooming cities have led to the breakdown of transportation facilities. Economic and political activities, though population explosion is a major tomorrow when the war began comparative essay problem being faced by several other countries too. India is also facing the illegal immigration problem. The specter of hunger write a complain letter about a staff hunts millions of households in the country. It has been estimated by the Technical Working Group on Population Projections appointed by Planning Commission that by 2016.

Population explosion is the most serious problem facing our country today.With 16 per cent of the worlds population, India is toady the second largest populations country in the world.As on March.1991, when the last census was conducted, the countrys population stood at 846.30 million, with.

Lack of Facilities, core values research paper the result is how to write the number four in pigeon english that population everywhere in the world is growing at a rate faster than the development of economic resources. People should be made aware of the repercussions of population explosion and if that does not help. Lets see what are the advantagesbenefits of growing population.

With Improved medical facilities and access to hospital, medicines, the death rate is going down.As on March.1991, when the last census was conducted, the countrys population stood at 846.30 million, with 439.23 males and 407.07 females.If a country gives proper education and training to its millions of people, they can earn and produce not only for themselves but also for the world at large.

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The statistical data collected recently shows that the population of Pakistan has doubled during the last ten years.